Monday, July 03, 2006

You don't know my name

So being that I am my would think that I would be SO over having a crush
That's for teenagers right...WRONG

I have a crush on this brother...this beautiful, intelligent, handsome, spiritual, down to earth, dude...
I have known this young man for a while now, and over the last couple of years, we have gotten closer through church and other various activities...
The thing is I am really digging this guy, but have no way of going about addressing the situation. I don't want to get rejected nor do I want to lose a friend.

So this begs the question, what is one to do when they have feelings for a friend?

I do know that I am not only person that has this dilemma. There are friends, male and female alike, that have crushes or better yet, deep feelings for someone that they know as a friend.

You don't want to ruin the friendship
You don't want the person to look at you up side of your head like you MUST be crazy
Again, you don't want to be rejected

BUT then what if you never go for this, what if this is the person that you are meant to be with? What if the person likes you just as much as you like them, but they are just as scared to say something...what if, what if, what if?????
Man so many questions, too few answers.

Then for me, a female, there is another problem. As independent and forward as I am, I do NOT want to go after a man. I believe that a man should court the woman. I know I know, but hey that is what I believe (I mean ok, ok, ladies we can you know send some signs, but just straight up asking a guy out...I don't know if I can do that)...I want him to see something in me and work for me...I know right...

So where does that leave confused as this post...where it began...

Simply, I have a crush...


Rod Biscoe said...


I completely understand what you're saying about having a crush on someone. This one time, there was this girl that really had a crush on me, and it was awkward for her to talk about with the other girls, because they had crushes on me as well.

Is that sort of the situation you're referring to?

Respectfully Yours,
Rod Biscoe

P.S. Rod Biscoe's Blogspot “It’s Delicious.”

T.C. said...

Um, no, not really...I can talk to folks about it...LOL...bbut thanks for visiting my post. I will be sure to visit you

noname said...

When I met my husband (blind date so blind I had no idea my friends had invited him to meet me) I wasn't thrilled. It wasn't him but that fact that they'd surprised me with a date. A day or two later and I couldn't stop thinking about him. If it hadn't been for my friends telling him that I was interested, we wouldn't have had date number 2.

Certainly isn't the same situation but I've learned that sometimes you just have to go for it. Maybe you have someone that could 'feel the situation out' for you?

T.C. said...

Thanks noname...I hadn't heard from you in a couple of posts so its good to hear from you again...I don't know what I am going to do...

Right now...I am really just thinking that I will leave it alone...but we shall see...maybe I will get a backbone and say something

j.a.c. said...

Your situation sounds just like this song that I wrote recently.

Do you know what you're doing
Or do I need to say more

Verse 1
I've never been through this type of thing before
I've never know a guy to not see me before
There's something about him that's full of allure
He's so right to me that I'm ready to score

I know that he knows exactly how I feel
But its like my expressions are hitting a wall of steel
Maybe he's aware and knows the deal
But his game is killing me cuz this is real

Is he naive or does he know?
Do I leave it alone or put on a show?
Should I say more or let it go?
This is crazy and out of control

Verse 2
It's surely not the type of woman I am
To be so unaware of where I stand
Maybe I'm a part of a scheme so grand
I might be a piece of his perfect plan

He knows exactly what I like
Tell me do I need to speak in a mic
If we're a no, please speak it right
Just say something so I can take flight

Is he naive or does he know?
Do I leave it alone or put on a show?
Should I say more or let it go?
This is crazy and out of control

Verse 3
I'm not the one to constantly annoy
I'll leave you alone, won't steal your joy
You got me now if this is your ploy
But I'm makin it known, I'm not a toy

So I'll sit quietly and wait for you
Cuz you know for sure my feelings are true
But don't be silly and ignore this boo
Because before long your time will be through

Is he naive or does he know?
Do I leave it alone or put on a show?
Should I say more or let it go?
This is crazy and out of control

T.C. said...

O K K K....
As always your songs are on the ONE...that is saying EXACTLY how I feel..."its surely not the type of woman I am to not know where I stand...."and that last line is exactly it..."because before long your time will be through..."

Anonymous said...

Well like I said before and again, you'll never know unless you speak up. Maybe later on down the line you'll realize that that brother wasn't for you afterall and that one that God has intended for you will sweep u up off your feet. Prayer!!

T.C. said...

That's about all I can do...pray!