Wednesday, October 12, 2011

love ballad

that's what is rocking in my ears right now

i love this fits so much of my life...

its been a crazy 3 weeks, full of a lot of hurt and disappointment for those around me

my homie lost his girlfriend in a fatal accident on 95, she had just turned 29 the weekend before and that next friday/saturday morning she was gone...

what do you say to someone who just lost the person he finally thought was "the person" and just like that they are gone...

she was 29

i think we as people sometimes focus on things and the perfect plan of what we "think" our life should be and a lot of times its too late to say what you wanted to say, to do what you wanted to do based on what we think is right

he loved her, he didn't tell her...because it was "too soon" and now she is gone and he'll never get the chance to tell her

it makes you think and reflect

i have a wedding date and i am not even engaged yet...i have a plan for when we'll get married, have a child, the whole nine...its not my plan alone, he's made his plans extremely clear as well

but what the last 3 weeks have taught me more than anything, is that life and time are precious and short and at any given time the person you thought was "the" person could be gone

i try to tell him that she came to teach him to love and that she doesn't want him to never love again, and in time she'll bring someone to him that will help him to go for it and not wait and the women that come around that aren't for him, she set the bar so high, he'll know that they aren't for him and he'll move on

but those words fall on deaf ears

all he think about is her

my him says he can relate and he's been without me before and wouldn't know how to handle it so i guess that's why things are different this time

you should always let people know how you feel while they are here because at the end of the day, it makes no sense to give them flowers when they are gone and you couldn't while they were here...

love open, love hard, love free