Thursday, January 27, 2011


that's the number of this post

i don't have a title because there are so many things going on in my head

so my mortgage jumped by dag on near $200 a month because the taxes on this house went UP!

huh? like that didn't compute when i bought this place that you know at the yearly tax assessment or due to an increase in your insurance your monthly payment can go up or down and here i was thinking that by getting a fixed interest rate i knew what my mortgage payment would be

had i known this i wouldn't have went out and bought a new truck (well new to me) but still new
GLAD i didn't jump out there on the 35K + Audi Q7 i'd be mad short right about now...

mind you i was JUST feeling good about the purchase this morning because i wasn't sliding last night in the snow that hit the DMV AND i was about to drive right over the snow in my driveway to get out and go to work since the feds decided all people needed was a 2 hour delay, mind you i slept in this peace with NO power last night and didn't have any this morning so it was touch and go if i was going to make it in...

but when you have NO leave and a week long cruise that's been paid for coming up, you find the way to get your hindmost to work...

i digress...

i promise that all of this being positive for people and trying to be a cheerleader is definitely being a drain on me...

but i said my piece and i will have my peace ya dig

i saw a young couple on the train today...they have 5 kids...looked like they were back to back to back...including the one that wasn't even a year yet in the's the thing, all the kids were happy, healthy, clean and the young couple were married (at least they had on wedding rings) and they looked happy...i wonder why we don't see images like that...hell anybody in THIS economy with 5 kids could be struggling...and they maybe...but they were happy and there was a lot of love and respect between all of them...made me smile

well looks like something is going to have to get cut WAY out in my life in order to make this payments and still be good...time to make decisions and once again put on my big guru drawers and keep it moving...

another lesson learned on my own as an adult


Saturday, January 15, 2011


i have said it before and i will say it again


there is no way around that, if you can't tell the other person in your life what is going on, why you feel this way or that, or why this happened or that, heck why you are running late its going to cause a problem!


the end...put a stamp on it seal it and deliver it, i'll pay the postage for it...

why don't people get that...its not that hard to just open your mouth...its not like i grew up in the best home for communication either, however, i know that as adult you can't constantly blame what happened in your life as a child on how you behave therefore you take stock you look at what it is and you make the proper adjustments so that you can have a happier and healthier life than your parents provided you, as they tried to do for know we are supposed to do better than our parents right, that's what they tell us all the time...

so be better
do better
because you know better!

period you know good and freaking well what is going on and what isn't...


people need to stop acting as if the TRUTH was some sort of crippling aliment or something

its the TRUTH straight up clear as day, black and white, nothing gray or purple or pink or red about it

it just is...and when people care about you they can accept the truth they can deal with the truth they will bare with you, why? because you told the truth

however, when you are constantly lacking the willingness to communicate and then act like communicating is the worse thing on the planet

well then i have a problem because i tend to live in black and white i don't and can't nor will i live in gray


because i don't have to

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

look back...

i was at work today

not being that productive but productive

and i went back to 2006 and read some of my old blogs

a couple of things i have noticed

1. i don't get as HEATED as i used to, i was HOT a lot back then
2. there clearly aren't as many people left in blog land
3. i don't talk about HALF the stuff i used to talk about

i was funny
sometimes deep
i talked about political stuff
religious stuff
my family
everyday LIFE

now, i am sure that the past year or so has been about LOVE and the lack there of in my life
well i know i blogged about my house and my job and my dog
but mainly its been about LOVE

i guess i am in that phase of my life, being 30 and all, that i still want that in my life

but geesh is that ALL there is to me?
is there all that there is to my life wanting and waiting for love?
if that is it, i am about as deep as a tic

and i would like to think that i am deeper than an insect that sucks the blood off of pure defenseless animals as its nourishment

i used to write, like really write
maybe i was deeper than because i was in graduate school
maybe going back to school will give me new and interesting things to blog about
maybe i need to write more about the random thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis as i walk the streets of DC

or maybe i am simply boring...

i don't go out that much any more and besides the random crazy phone call, as i got today from my parents, yelling and my father in the background talking about the size of his prostate (of which included information that as his child i have NO NEED to know) or my mother calling me complaining about Madea for the umpteenth time OR my brother complaining or fussing about whatever issues he has

i really don't have much to talk about

i like being boring though, its less dramatic, still has its moments but less dramatic none the less...

i mean i know people going through break ups, i know people falling in love

i tend to have a lot of thoughts and feelings on the matters but i don't know they seem to get lost in between my brain and the keys

i haven't even written in poetry lately...

maybe its time to tap back into LIFE

love is great and everything but dude let's face it, my reality is that its me, my little dog, in my little house, with my not so little yet nice new ride...LOL

its just me

i think its time to get back to ME a little more than i have been on this blog...

hopes and dreams are all nice and errythin but i think i'll enjoy the current ride i am on a little bit more than i have been

Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy 2011!

So i think this is like what my 5th year blogging now



i remember i started June of 2006, oh how time has flown past

and 552 (this marks 553) blogs later here we are 4 and 1/2 years in the blog game

a lot of folks have come and gone or even changed up the content of what it is that they are talking about, but still the same remains, me and my willingness to share what is going on with the world no matter what or how embarrassing or how happy, sad, mad or glad...

i would like to think that people would definitely find it something that they could relate to or make them laugh or something out of this thing

the fact still remains those that the main reason i blog is for get out what i need to say and hopefully get some feedback from those out there in cyberland

see the one thing i have learned over these past years is that no matter how strong or "together" we all think we are, we aren't! period the end!

so i have grown a lot and i truly do appreciate the fact that even through i have fallen on my face numerous times, my family (including my blog family) have been there to support me

right now i am definitely going through a time of holiday season definitely was a wonderful of the BEST i have had in years!

i spent it with close family friend and their family and then with my extended family and god children, NYE same close family and in was just peaceful no drama and fun as well...

i thought that December was turning out to be just like December 2009, but i was completely WRONG...i have said it before and i'll say it again, a day, an hour, a minute, a second can definitely make all the difference in the world on how you see and view things

things aren't where I think they should be, but who am i right?
i know that things need to be shown, i know that we both have to be sure, we ARE talking about a LIFE TIME COMMITMENT here, lifetime, like years, like forever, forever eva, eva eva...
as much as i deem myself to be ready to be a wife (although up until my bible study on the subject about 4 months ago i really thought i was ready until bibilically i learned i wasn't even close) i have come to conclude that clearly GOD is still working some things out before that move can be made...being a wife and mother (instantly) won't be easy, but as long as he is secure in his decision to have me in his life i think i'll be ok

i think that's the thing, every woman, well ok, i'll speak for me, i want to know that you believe and feel like i am the missing piece to your puzzle...i mean we all can function and move on with life but do we want to is the question? like sure the two of them would be fine without me, but do you want to?

so now i sit back i watch and i wait to see what 2011 has in store for me...not easy, its not easy letting go and not having control over things

but in my work life when i did that, things turned out alright, in my financial life i did that and things turned out better than expected...i worked at it but i just allowed things to fall where they were going to fall...and they fell right into place

now i must allow love to do the same thing...totally not that easy but we shall see