Wednesday, July 12, 2006 just let me ride

So I am a TRUE lover of MUSIC!

I mean when I get down and out, just let me get in my truck and ride out...where I don't care, but I just want to ride and listen to some good tunes...

Here at work, I have so many tunes on my music windows music player it makes no sense.

And I don't like just one type of music either.
I want to hear some:
Maze fet. Frankie Beverly
The Gap Band
Bootsy Collins
Jay Z
Gnarls Barkley
Maroon Five
Corinne Bailey Rae
Al Green
A Tribe Called Quest
Big Daddy Kane
Heavy D
Teddy P
Raul Midon.....

I mean I could go on and on....

Miles Davis
Erykah Badu
Jill Scott
Smashing Pumpkins
Mos Def
Stevie Wonder
Kirk Franklin
The O'Jays
Marvin Gaye
Kanye West
India Arie
Mary J
Rick James
Patti LeBelle
Chuck Brown
Rare Essence (we all know how I feel about Go-Go)
Mary Mary.... we can see I could go on and on...because I just really love music, all kinds of music (well I don't really do country) I mean it could be instrumental, it could be just sounds and something abstract...

Music just evokes all kinds of feelings and thoughts...if you are mad, you may want to listen to some Tupac "Thug Passion"...or if I am feeling like being a little culturally diverse I will put on some Sergio Mendes( GOT to get this albom...HOT)

But most recently I came across an old find a CLASSIC R&B record from the this thing was FIRE, you hear me FIRE...
(that's what inspired this post...I mean I was so pressed that I ordered the CD online, and had my home gurl go to my rental office to pick it up before they closed at 6 because I knew I wouldn't make it home from work in time...CRAZY right...naw not really...)

I mean I have been JAMMING you hear me...JAMMING to this from the very first cut...Grove me, to Teddy's Jam...and then the ultimate:
Piece of My Love and Goodbye Love...Goodbye Love...I can't stand it, its just too much...

MAN Them BOYS was SICK YOU HEAR ME...The production, the lyrics...All of that...I mean what happend to them, Keith Sweat, SWV, Al B Sure, The Boys, ABC(Another Bad Creation), El DeDarge???? MAN......

Man I am so hyped right now I am about to STOP and go and listen to this at work...Not now, but RIGHT NOW....LOL


Delaleuverses said...

Your choice of music is great...I also have a slew here at work, isn't technology great? Back in the days we would of had to deal with 60-90 minute tapes, lol,

T.C. said...

Why Thank you! Yes technology is the bomb...but sometimes I miss recording the tight mixes off of the radio...remember them man aw man...
Right now I am on 1997's Erykah Badu Live...CLASSIC album...from the lyrics, to the drums, to the horns, to every little detail in the music...I LOVE IT...

"the man that knows something knows, knows that he knows nothing at all..."

"He became the sun, and I became the moon...Peace after revolution..."

WHAT...the lyrics...the lyrics....

j.a.c. said...

we must be on the same wavelength cuz i was just feeling the urge to write a I'm-obsessed-with-music post. I'm feeling you. I am truly feeling you...

T.C. said...

Its funny because I was on my way into the music store the other day...and on the phone with Mama J.A.C...she was like you two are so obessed with music...I was like you are right, its my "drug" I GOTS to have it...I love it....I mean its the one thing that you can find something to ALWAYS fit your mood...happy, sad, crazy, whatever you are feeling...I just love music that's the one thing I WILL spend my money on...MUSIC!