Monday, July 10, 2006


"Forgiveness is the miracle of a new beginning. It is to start where we are, not where we wish we were, or the other person was. It is to hold out a hand; to want to renew a friendship; to want a new relationship with husband, father, daughter, friend, or indeed enemy. It may not take away the hurt. It does not deny the past injury."

"It does not ignore the possibility and need for repentance and a change in the relationship. It means being willing to take the initiative in dealing with any barriers that I may be raising towards a restored relationship. It means that I am willing to have a relationship with the other party that is based on Christian love and not on what has happened in the past, if the response of the other person makes that possible."

To forgive means literally "to let go" and "to cancel a debt". I found that at times the phrase "I forgive you" seemed empty, so I am going to begin to say, "I release you. I let you go. I let go of this offence. I cancel your debt. You owe me nothing now. I renounce my desire to get even with you." That way, the imagery of this biblical language filled the word "forgiveness" with a more specific and concrete meaning.

I am at a point in my life that God has made it very evident to me that I was harboring a lot of anger, resentment, hatred (not literally, that's a really strong word...) etc. towards a lot of people that either Love me or that I Loved. A lot of the feelings that I was having I can not remember why I was having them OR there are some people or scenarios, that I can't even remember why so I was so hurt in the first place...therefore, they just don't even matter anymore.

Now I am asking that if I have ever acted rudely, carried a sarcastic attitude, acted "Snobbish" and I am sure the list may go on. Please forgive me.

Harbouring resentment has been linked to many physical and mental complaints. We can become locked in the straightjacket of our own resentment. It has been described as "a videotape in the mind playing its tormenting reruns, shackling us to the unremitting pain of a raging memory."

I don't know I just wanted to share this with you all today so that maybe you too can be set free of the shackels...and just simply Forgive...

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