Monday, July 10, 2006

Saved & Single

Updated 7/11/06~ Author Unknown~

What makes you think that just because I am
an Attractive person of Godly intelligence
That I'm incomplete without a mate?
Who told you that
Without someone
Something's missing
From my life?
And if so,
What would that be?

I love myself
And more importantly
I love the Lord
He told me that when I delight in Him,
He will give me the desires of my heart Security?
I have everything I need according to His riches in glory.

Now, how's anyone going to get to know me
When they don't even know who they are in the Lord
See my Father told me I'm above a ruby's worth
And a gem does not seek
It is sought

I'm single and that's all right with me

See, it's not that I oppose relationships
It's that I detest co-dependency
As a human being

Esther 2:14 reads
That I am to wait on my king and when he's delighted in me. He will call
me by my name.

My Lord does not intend for me to be needy or desperate.
I am to be Cherished, Relished, Valued, and Honored,
It's not my job to convince anyone of this
Or Convict anyone of it either,
My mate will already know it
And consistently show it
And they will stay on their knees daily
Not just to adore me
But to praise the Lord for
The virtuous woman he has found and strong head man she has found
So, when you see me by myself
I'm not alone
I know what I have coming to me

I'm single and saved, and right now that's all I need to be!

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Anonymous said...

Once again, this is Devil's Advocate, and I must say that it is always the women and men that have no love in their lives and that really don't even fully love themselves that go on and on about it not being the right time, and about GOD not wanting them to be in love now. I don't buy it! People, seriously, stop denying your problems. Now I know that 9.5 out of 10 relationships may be the wrong ones, but how many of you can actually say that is was the other persons fault. I mean, didn't GOD give you a choice as to whether or not you should date that person? Didn't god give you instincts about people? Think about it! You could be your problem and answer to why you can't find love. I figure that people who talk about being in or not being in love, must really want to be loved. Maybe you are pushing people away, maybe you don't know what it really means to love. There is one former friend (never really was a friend) or mine that I hated and couldn't forgive for a long time, but then I realized, "T", I mean she, didn't know how to really be a friend, so how mad could I be!

j.a.c. said...

Wow anonymous. I do hear what you're saying. I think that it does get tiring to hear ones talk about love or being in love all the time and chalk it all up to it being what God wants for them. People definitely have to take credit for the decisions and actions that they make, and not always put everything on God. It's almost the same as a man who gets away with stealing a diamond saying that God must have wanted him to have it. We have to be very careful that we don't pull God in where he doesn't belong. But remember that some people really believe that God has a path for them. I am one of those people. No I won't sit and just let things happen to me. But I do know that God has lit a path for me and it's my responsibility to make the right choices and walk on it.

Lol. For some reason, all this talk about love, singleness, marriage is starting to bother me. I'm kinda tired of it. No offense TC. Let's just live and live for God ya'll!!!

Kep said...

Lol I think everyone wants to be in love with the right person. Not necessarily for the romance of it, or even that being wanted feeling, but for that need for companionship we all have. It's a beautiful thing to be "more than friends." Friends are great, but there's a level of partnership that you get from that one person who you can't get from anyone else.

And sometimes you have to take a step back and realize that maybe you have been looking for love in all the wrong places. You have to realize the Almighty's plan, and stop wanting so much and allow HIM to take over. We often have a hard time doing that. There's nothing wrong with just waiting on what the Almighty has for you. This is especially true when the good men seem to be few and far between. But even among good men, it's rare to find one who really has the Almighty first in their lives. I know as a male, because I know the side conversations that women don't hear. I also know that I can only think of a couple of my male friends who I would hook up with my female friends who have themselves together.

I agree with the poem that you have to wait for what you want/need/are supposed to have.


T.C. said...

All I am trying to say to both men and women...
Thank you Kep for helping with this one...
Men/Women: "wait for what you want/need/are supposed to have"

Anonymous said...

I thought that this Devotional Thought from July 18th was good for this post!!

July 18

“Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain.” 1 Corinthians 9:24

God has given you a race to run. In fact, God has given each one of us a race to run, and everyone must run his own race. We’re not racing against each other to win the victor’s crown. We are in a pilgrimage together. I’m not trying to outrun you. And you’re not trying to outrun me. That is good news! God has a plan for your life with particular speed bumps, detours, and hurdles to cross. And you are to stay in the race until it is over. But, you are not alone. Though we are not in the same race, we are in the journey together so we encourage one another to win. And I want you to win the victor’s crown today! Run, my friend, run!

"Wherefore seeing we also are compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses... let us run with patience the race that is set before us." (Hebrews 12:1) Ask God to shod your feet with the preparation that comes from the gospel of peace (see Ephesians 6:14-15) so you can run the race in confidence. Ask God to cause your feet to take you places where you can declare God’s plan of salvation (see Romans 10:15). Thank God that the victor’s crown awaits you at the end of the race because of His power upon your life.

Love ya