Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Where is the bling?

Disclaimer: I am a Christian...not a Baptist, not a Catholic, not a AME...BUT a CHRISTIAN...I believe that church is important because fellowship is important...and I believe that these churches do good and they do bring people to Christ...BUT I honestly have an issue with "organized" religion, again, I believe in fellowship, but there are some things that are just tradition that aren't even biblically based that I tend to raise my brow to...further, the issues that are brought up and out by SOME churches are so irrelevant or minimal in the grand scheme of things, when there are other issues, more pressing issues in my opinion, that I feel like the church as a whole and the Black church in particular could be addressing...BUT I am coming to terms with that...I have actually joined a church, that I honestly believe I can grow in...Spiritually

But what is this post really all about....
So there are a lot of what people call "MegaChurches" now...many, not all, but many of the "MODERN" day church is doing the same thing that the WORLD is me, there should be more emphasis and focus placed on family, love, principles of right and wrong, giving unto others, there is so much more that we need to learn...
(Please click here for more on Megachurches and a Biblical perspective)

I mean, honestly, how is it that you talking about how you keep the FIRST lady of the church in Gucci and Prada and her nails is that helping the congregation? Especially when there are single mothers who can't even keep their lights on and their rent paid sitting in your congregation...they are hurting on the inside and dealing with drama all around? and you talking about how "pretty" you keep the FIRST is that helping your congregation?

You have children in the community starving LITERALLY of food, education, spiritual growth...yes you have programs, but its like the community that you are supposed to be serving is last now, and no longer first, the material things seem to be first.

I mean I have gone to churches and I couldn't get the message because I couldn't get past the bling, I couldn't get past just how fly the pastor was. OR how fly the entire congregation was...I mean I felt under dressed in a simple skirt and top...It was just unbelievable...It feels like I should be at the BET Awards or something

In sum, you can be fly, but do I have to hear about it every few seconds, do I have to see the pinky ring full of diamonds? Do I have to sit through yet another sermon about WHY it is that you deserve all these material possessions because you serve GOD obediently?

I KNOW that being a pastor/minister is hard work, one of my mentors is a minister and he and I have talked about it, so I know that is something that takes a special person to yes a pastor/minister deserves good things...but aren't they supposed to be doing for the love of Christ first and foremost?

BUT were is the humility...Jesus was humble...this bling from the pulpit mentality only perpetuates the same things that the rappers...entertainers do, the very thing that is being preached against is being displayed right from the just seems like the church is perpetuating materialism, come to my church and you too can have doesn't help us as Christians

Note: I know that EVERY church, even the "megachurch" does NOT do what I am talking about...IF you know your church is really about what its supposed to be about than don't take offense...BUT if you KNOW that there is some truth behind what I am saying...then all I ask is that you think about what I am saying....many may not agree with this post and I can totally understand and respect that. These comments are merely my opinion, and my opinion alone. This was not written to offend or upset anyone personally. But if this sparks a much needed dialogue, than good


j.a.c. said...

What inspired you to write this? Did you honestly just see something where the pastor talked about keeping his lady in gucci and gold?! I mean that really happens in the church?!!

Did you see the cover of Black Enterprise for last month?! The title of the main article is called "The Business of Faith" and TD Jakes, Eddie Long and Kirby Jon Caldwell are on the cover looking very sharp. The subtitle reads, "Black Megachurches Are Turning Pastors into CEOs of multimillion-dollar Enterprises". I didn't read the whole thing, but as soon as I saw the cover of the magazine, I laughed and shook my head. I'll write a blog on it tomorrow.

T.C. said...

An advertisement was sent to my e-mail for one of these churches out of Baltimore...and just the photo of the Pastor, with some $600 shades on...I just wanted to express how I felt...

Yes I have honestly heard it...and so have others...its a trip! I didn't see that, but I can only imagine...