Thursday, June 30, 2011


decisions are best made with thought?
with a prayer?
with instincts?
with a flip of a coin?

i haven't figured out how best to make major decisions other than what makes sense

when something makes sense

even if it doesn't seem feasible or realistic

if in the bigger picture of my life it will help me reach an ultimate goal i will do it

sometimes you have to take what may seem like two steps back to take that giant leap forward

i have an opportunity to take steps that would seem like steps back (I would take a pay cut, not a cut in grade but the cost of living here is lower) so that i could gain the skills and knowledge needed to go forward
well its not in my hands any more

i have made my intentions known that i will stay here and whatever happens happens

Wednesday, June 22, 2011



this song is on repeat as i sit in my living room

just chilling....doing nothing at all

my hair in pen curls, my clothes ironed for tomorrow, my shake fixed, my fruit washed and fixed...

i had my soup and now i'll eat my salad

i just sat and watch a crazy video with JD, Kevin Hart, Nelly, Tammy (basketball wives) , Bobby Brown and Nick Cannon...YES random, ridiculous and HALARIOUS

As much as i miss home i am enjoying my experience here in AL

they keep hinting that i could stay here, the other guy will have to go to Iraq for a year...the ONLY way i would do a year here is if HIM and lil him could come and bring my DOG and my truck....otherwise NO and definitely NO if they aren't paying for my living expenses as it is now...i still gotta pay a mortgage and bills at home so negative

i must say i like being in a field office much better than the main office...different work and definitely a different vibe

the work is different and i enjoy it...i haven't really taken to many full weekends i normally work one day, i'll be working this friday as well...(my work week is sun-thurs)...

being here gives me time to breathe and rest up a little bit

there are talks of marriage and with those talks comes a lotof work...getting a job, renting out my house, buying a new house, oh plan a wedding and get married

we were going on a cruise this year, but that has been pushed back

definitely interesting

as much as i have always wanted to be married and i do love him and my mini him..i am afraid of the work that a marriage brings and the fact that i won't have just me to be responsible...i'll have a family that i am responsible for....that's deep

heck i just got me under control, well kinda

i don't do much on the weekends here, hell i be tired especially with working like i did yesterday 10 hours! then my sinuses haven't given me a rest here! and i need new glasses...i think he headaches will slow down when i get those because looking at a computer all day can definitely do something to your eyes that's for sure...

LD relationships are hard, but bearable when you see the person every or at least every other weekend...not seeing him for a month is a bit much actually it will be 5 pretty much 6 weeks before he comes down next weekend...

such is life

he is amazingly supportive but in the same breathe he gets on my ever lasting nerve
*shrugs* i am sure i get on his nerves equally

can we say "pre-marital counseling for $500 Alex" lol

ok...well thought i would check...

Friday, June 03, 2011

southern belle

well not exactly

but currently i am residing in Mobile, AL until the end of July...we all know that my daddy was diagnosed with prostate cancer and right after his diagnosis there was a temporary position that was also an AWESOME opportunity for me professionally was posted...

so I applied, called and did an self imposed impromptu interview and got it...

welll I wasn't scheduled to come until this Monday, June 6th, however, as with most things in life, nothing ever goes as we plan...sooooo i had to come Monday, May 23rd....oh did i mention the week before I had to leave i had to go away for 3 days for business so that didn't leave much time to pack but i took the advice of one of my girls and packed for 20 days instead of trying to be overwhelmed with packing for 60 days...

so three suitcases ($185 later, thanks DELTA) i got down here

my apartment (which i had to find myself) is AWESOME! fully furnished top floor, DELUX because i have a loft with a full size washer and dryer and its OH so peaceful

its been an adjustment i miss home, i miss my dog, even my brother...of course i miss him and lil him...but it was definitely needed

BECAUSE i drive to work daily 20 minutes TOPS with the so-called traffic! I would be stuck on that funky metro right now if i was home
its quiet, its just me...sometimes you need that, sometimes as a person, a woman especially you can get so lost in everything and everyone else around you, so its good to just get back to ME

i am sick right now so i won't be traveling the three hours this weekend to see the folks but i'll definitely be going up next weekend

i think all of the stress of the last 6 months, the up and down the back and forth and everything has finally caught up with me so i'll just be chillin doing much of nothing this weekend

definitely going to try to get into the working out and things this week, i have been here two weeks so only 6 left time to try to get it cracking...hopefully if i get up on rest i'll be good to go...

oh did i say that i am living by shops, a movie theater, restaurants, 30 minutes from the beach and the outlets!

sheeesh don't tell nobody but i kinda like Mobile, ALABAMA