Tuesday, June 15, 2010

we are one....

...no matter what we do, we are one, our love will see us through, we are one, and that's the way it is...WE ARE ONE

one of my other if not tied with "golden time of day" songs by Maze featuring Frankie Beverly

i absolutely LOVE music, especially live music and being that i LOVE seeing this band

so when a co-worker just informed me that they are performing at the national harbor THIS saturday 6/19...i didn't take any time i got online and bought me a ticket!

i haven't seen them in a couple of years and i didn't want to wait to see if people wanted to go or not, i just got tickets for the summer festival with Badu, Common, The roots and Chuck Brown LAST week...so i figured folks wouldn't want to roll if for no other reason than funds

its cool

i want to go so i got my ticket and i am going

solo dolo

(a couple of years ago i would have probably passed it up because i know people wouldn't want to go or waiting around tickets would have been gone, but not today...not this year...i am going for mines!)

and i am going to have a BLAST!


j.a.c. said...

the morrisons are going. maybe you could hook up with them.

T.C. said...

its actual seating...so i am in between people on both sides...i may see them though...i am excited to go alone!

MSMILLA said...

You are a great example of going for yours. Why wait around for others, when you could just go and have fun on your own. When I grow up, I want to be just like you! Have a great time!!