Friday, June 25, 2010

in honor of the man

Michael Jackson
the King of Pop
The greatest entertainer of ALL TIME

....what better way to express my gratitude to this man than to list out the songs that are some of my absolute FAVS of his...

some of you may agree with it, or not or part of it...but hey these songs either as a solo artist or with his brothers ROCKED

....This Place Hotel...
which i thought was "this is heartbreak hotel..." because that's the line in the song...but CLEARLY its not...that joint cranks

The Lady in My Life
what woman didn't want a or doesn't a woman to feel like Mike felt about the girl in that song

Rock with You
nothing needs to be said about this song

Man in the Mirror
definitely just was a CLASSIC about what was and is still true today we gotta look at ourselves

Show you the way...
"live together underneath the sun..." was talking peace and love back then

Human Nature
the rhythms enough said

that was and IS still my theme song...LOL..

Can you feel it...
every color of the world should be loving...can you feel it!

man who knew he had this much soul still...LOVED that song...

that was a a GREAT song with him and his lil sister

Blame it on the boggie
they JAM in this joint..."don't blame it on the sunshine, don't blame it on the good times, blame it on the boggie"

Got me working...
day and night...LOVES it!

dude people gave this man so much flack about his love life, skin, so much crap because he was different...this dude, had an ear, a gift for writing that ALL these folks copy today...everyone and anyone whose a modern day for real artist, rapper, hip hop, singer, musician whatever...MIKE influenced YOU

this man was speaking about racial harmony and love and had a message that you moved to and didn't even know you were getting a message! he was deeper than most give him credit

someone said it best, knew he was so big he had to whisper to be heard...
WHAT! regardless of what anyone thinks of him or what he did or didn't do that's between him and his judge...

all i want to do is blame it on the MUSIC

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