Thursday, June 03, 2010

dukey stick

ah now that the bridge is on this side of the boarder...why ya'll come ova here with us, walk the water.....we got this thing that full of tricks....we want to play for you we sing for you we want your hips to groove....

i got this magic....most of it will make you spread you wings....we want your mind to grow....

George Duke


you can't even find that type of musicianship anymore
the horns
the bass
all of it is MUSIC

so here lately since its HAWT as who know what outside people have been acting a pure D fool out here in the DMV

makes me think of this song

you know badu said it best when she said "is it cold in your summer and hotter in the fall"

folks is out looking, scouting or just out to show what they working with

although the dude walking to the gas station in a hospital robe and slippers yesterday to get some cigs was an unusual moment...

i mean really homie

dude the more you get to know people the more i don't like people

that's not nice but some folks are just plain old mean and i don't have to fool with you...

i caught myself today with this dude sarcastic at work...dude puh leeze don't make me go on you...

but life is all good...i have thought about tweeting ONLY because i see such randomness all day long that makes me really want to comment on stuff...

ehhh i am so in revolt of modern technology, yet i still blog...hahahah

hey that's me always going against the trend
i am so cool with as a fan cat

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