Thursday, June 10, 2010


so why do i come home to a house that smells like trash

NO worse than trash....

it smelled like DOG POO!

well let me back up...

we got home last night after running around and we hung outside for a little the whole nine

she didn't want to go in her crate but she did and although i don't think either one of us slept well being that it was a new situation for both of us
(side note she just dropped down to roll around on the rug)

so we got up this morning and went for a 20 min walk and she wee'd 3x and even poo'd so i am like ok good that means she is house broken and knows that she has to hold it

she already knows that the bedroom area is off limits she doesn't even test going in there and she doesn't do the kitchen

i let her walk around and chill while i got ready and then back in the crate she had to go

for the first time since i had gotten her she started barking!

my heart dropped to my feet and i immediately felt guilty....

once i got to work i told the three co-workers that own dogs what happened and they told me it was normaly and she just needed to get adjusted to the new enviroment and it would be ok

i asked my cousin to stop past and take her out because i had this bad bad bad did i say BAD feeling about her being alone for 11 hours out of the day alone...

and yep when i opened the door that BAD feeling smacked me slam in my face!

but here is the kicker i couldn't find it anywhere...of course upon further inspection of the crate she had taken the towel i gave her this morning with my scent to comfort her to cover it up - yea irony at its finest...

so once i got the stuff out the crate attempting get the poo outside the wind blows it on the front steps ( i know it just gets better and better)

she was avoiding me becasue she knew i was heated...but i was warned that there was going to be accidents and she needed to get on a schedule and she is in a new space so she nervous

so today was say the least

be have been bonding this evening so i am hoping that she will become more comfortable and trusting with each other...

she isn't drinking anything and she only has eaten one milkbone

so tomorrow at 11 am i can't wait to get to the vet to get some insight for sho

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