Friday, May 21, 2010


"....i'm living my life likes its golden, living my life like its golden, living my life like its golden"

or at least i SHOULD be...

what in the FREAK has been wrong with me...

geeesh you wanna talk about a downer

what in the world was wrong with me?

no, i KNOW what was wrong with me...i was way to focused on the ONE area in my life (ok there are other area's but i think that was just taking way to much energy) that wasn't there that i was MISSING all the things that i have reason to be happy about...

i have a spiritual connection with GOD and i am working on OUR relationship
i have family and friends that love me and accept me for me flaws and all
i can go out and buy what i want when i want for myself and those i love just because
i have a roof over my head
i have a career
i have a truck to drive

and did i say i KNOW i am loved!

that right there is enough...enough being down and out...

i am really ok, in the greater view of life with all that could really be wrong with me, i am doing pretty darn well for myself

and i alone, just little old me, in my life today, should be enough...

if i can't appreciate where i am right now, how or why would i appreciate those things that will be given ON TOP OF...

its time i get a real grip on reality

its about time i put my "big gurl draws" on and freaking just be HAPPY

like honestly what do i have to be sad about


its all trivial in the grand scheme of life

i have EVERYTHING to be


and that's exactly what i am going to do....

glad i am getting a grip NOW 72 days to go....

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