Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Ok so I have been trying to find this video and post this on my blog for the past what 3-4 weeks!
But I finally found it...

plus I went and bought the CD right after work today!
I have heard nothing but GREAT things about the album and was really pressed...in fact I ordered it from work on bestbuy.com and picked up it in the store...

you know what it is...I am addicted I am addicted to new music...I am addicted to all music...I love new music...I love music I totally love music...like all kinds of music...I can totally feel music, from the drums, to the guitar strings, the horns, the keys, the melody...the lyrics...

I just love it...

Musiq's album seems to be what i have heard a take back to the first one...ijuswannsing...and i am totally diggin that...back to basics works for me...

Here is a list of my all time fav artists: (this is a serious list, like if I don't have ALL of their stuff I have MOST of it)

Earth, Wind & Fire
Maze fet Frankie Beverly
Mervin Gay
Chaka Khan
Patti L.
Luther Vandross
Stephanie Mills
The GAP Band
Al Green
New Edition
A Tribe Called Quest

New School:
Erkyah Badu
Jill Scott
Anthony Hamilton
A. Keys
India A.
John Legend

Beanie Sigel
Mos Def

Honorable Mentions
Eric Roberson
Raheem D.
Kanye West
The Roots
The OJays
Talib Kwali
Van Hunt

New Artist:
Amy Whinehouse
Anthony David

So you may or may not like my list, but hey that's why its MY list....I am thinking to see if I am missing someone or something...

but you know it is the FAV list...so everyone can't make that...they just can't...



Honey-Libra said...

I'm going after work to cop it I've been listening to it online for the past 3 days LOL and I'm also going to get Lloyds cd I've been listening to some tracks off of that and I'm kinda liking it....good music just seems to do something ya :)

I love the concept of the video...finally it seems to go with the song LOL

T.C. said...

@honey-music is my muse...does that make sense...it is apart of me, my soul...I NEED music just like I need air and water...

Brandon said...

I bought it yesterday too. It's pretty hot. It's kinda cool that his songs are not really made in a typical song structure, but sound like he's singing sentences right out of a diary. My only gripe though is that he comes off a little too punkish, like...

"excuse me... I don't want to offend you... but you are looking good... and I was afraid that you would not like me... but if you think you might... let's go out for a slice of pizza... of course only if that's ok with you!... I am not a stalker or anything, but umm... you seem like a really cool person... I mean if you want to have sex, we can... but of course only if that's ok with you... I hope you like me!"

Pretty dope album though.

If you're into obscure, laid-back, old school soul ballads, check out ?uestlove's (of the Roots) Baby Making Music. Fiyaaaaahhhh!

jus butterfli said...

you know what?? i think we could probably listen to music together all day!! some of your favs are also mine and i'm a music fanatic myself! i don't even think i could live without music and poetry. umm... anyway... jus stoppin' thru to show you some much deserved butterfli love!! ;)


T.C. said...

@brandon-why he have to be all of that, "folk" said the same thing..."man dude sounds like a gump sometimes..." too funny

@jus-we probably could! I need music...its so much apart of ME...thanks for stopping past and showing some love...its MUCH appreciated!

Blu Jewel said...

love this song too.