Thursday, March 01, 2007

Baby I'm A Star!

Ok so let me start off by saying this...

My all time FAVORITE artist EVER is Prince!

When I was 5 years OLD I told my mother that I was going to marry this man...and I doubt if the purple one would marry my big butt but a girl can dream can't she...
So when I need a pick me up...I put on music that's what i do...that's me...and I have been getting better and better by the day and last night I just needed some Prince...and MAN ol MAN did he make me happy!

and this song right here says EXACTLY how I feel about me...and you should too...

Baby I'm A Star-Prince

1,2,3,4Hey, look me over
Tell me do u like what u see?
Hey, i ain't got no money
But honey i'm rich on personality
Hey, check it all out
Baby i know what it's all about
Before the night is through
U will see my point of view
Even if i have 2 scream and shout

Baby i'm a (star)
Might not know it now
Baby but i r, i'm a (star)
I don't want to stop, 'til i reach the top
Sing it (we are all a star!)

Hey, take a listen
Tell me do u like what u hear?
If it don't turn u on
Just say the word and i'm gone
But honey i know, ain't nothing
Wrong with your ears
Hey, check it all out
Better look now or it just might be 2 late (just might be 2 late)
My lucks gonna change tonight
There's gotta be a better life
Take a picture sweetie
I ain't got time 2 waste

Oh baby i'm a (star)
Might not know it now
Baby but i r, i'm a (star)
I don't want to stop, 'til i reach the topSing it! (we are all a star!)

Everybody say, nothing come 2 easy
But when u got it baby, nothing come 2 hard
You'll see what i'm all about (see what i'm all about)
If i gotta scream and shout (if i gotta scream and shout)
Baby baby (baby) baby (baby) baby (baby)
YeahYeah yeah yeah yeah yeah (star)
Might not know it nowBaby but i r, i'm a (star)
I don't want to stop, 'til i reach the topSing it! (star)
Baby baby babyOh baby i'm a (star)
Baby baby baby
Somebody(we are all a star)
(baby i'm a star)
We are all a star
We are all a star


Honey-Libra said...

The funny part about this is that I love singing along with my MP3 player so much that I have to remember that I'm at work or out in public cause I will be GONE!! I have to even catch my self at the gym cause I will be boppin and what not....I'm gonna have to upload this song LOL...glad you're feeling better...then again we all have to have those down moments in order to get back up :)

T.C. said...

@honey-guuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrllllllll who you telling! I be getting it in my truck!!! them folks at the Metro Parking Garage was looking at me like I was crazy...girl I was gettin it you HEAR me...cause baby Imma star...HELLO! Get it right, and keep it tight...

i am too funny today

jus butterfli said...

girl!! i love me some price!! i've alway said he's the ONLY short man this 6ft sister would gladly get wit!! (LOL)

i love jus about any song that comes outta his mouth.

how come you got me pulling out my purple rain soundtrack so i can listen to "baby i'm a star"?? you're a great influence on me lil sis!!


Teej said...

please believe that Im a star too!

T.C. said...

@jus-YES I am glad that you pulled it out! I am glad that it made you smile, I was fennin so hard I had to go and BUT another CD because I lost the first one I had...

@teej-huney I KNOW you are a STAR! We are ALL STARS! HELLO!!!

Anonymous said...

I love Prince too!! Not enough to marry him, but I like him! =)

Southern_Lady said...

I so tried to comment on this the day it was posted. Blogger was trippin again. I L-O-V-E Prince. I just watched the double feature of Purple Rain and Under the Cherry Moon last week. That Purple Rain (song) can make shed tears! My fav lines:

What's the password?
You should see my's so...exciting
I'm a sex shooter!

Thanks for the post.

noname said...

After the Super Bowl I was in a debate with a few friends on whether or not Prince is a has been. They feel he is and shouldn't have done the half time show. I could never think of him as a has been as his music is still so relevant. Prince rocks my boat anyday.

eclectik said...

My favorite part?
"Might not know it now"
just the way he says it lol

HEY YOU!!! Long time no nada, missed you! hit me up tell me some good stuff!

AND you gotta get on the board!

The NEW Messageboard
Grown folk talk...connect.


T.C. said...

@urban-yes my addiction to him is so special...LOL

@southern lady-now see...there you go..."what's the password" I LOVE IT!!

@noname-I totally agree Prince is CLASSIC!!! NEVER a has been...

@e-I know its totally how he says it...and YES I joined your message board...LOL

Blu Jewel said...

i'm not into pretty men, but dayum does that man do something for me in ways i dont even want to say out loud. *lol*

yeah, that song is definitely a motivator and one that'll get you out of a slump anytime.

T.C. said...