Saturday, September 25, 2010

.....i want

i don't know what i want

but common's "i want you" is playing right now

i don't think i am going to keep with this new program, I don't like it, and its not really what i want to do and i don't like the "online ONLY" course work

i need to interact with people and things

so yea we'll see what happens with that...probably a WITHDRAWAL

Golden is constantly with me if I am in the house

like right now she is sitting up under me as i try to type this, but that's my fatty girl

oh i did get my promotion, i won't see the money until like mid-octoberbut that's still cool

sad part is i didn't have anyone to celebrate with, so me and Gold's tossed and that was it

its like 7pm on a saturday night and i am in the house

"the truth" is rocking right india aire

i LOVE LOVE LOVE this song, this is how i want to feel about my him..

i met with my first couple today for my first wedding coordination/planning gig...i am doing it for free because i have never done a wedding officially so I am hoping that i do a good job, its not until next september but you know me, i want to do it right

so we shall see

i am thinking about re-locating...i am over the DMV and i want a family and a life of my own and so i may have to leave to achieve that, maybe not

i can't leave unless i can transfer my position so at least for now i'll be here

life is interesting and it always has a way of working itself out if you just stop worrying about things and do you best to be your best things work out

if one more person asks me about losing weight...why are so many people interested in my weight or my weight loss or gain...dude i am alright i am not that small but i am not that big either so either love me or leave me alone if you have weight issues those are your issues

i am cool

i think people love to see other people upset about stuff so they say stuff for what i don't know but i am cool homie, you?


maybe i'll go to miami next month, why not...only thing i have to worry about is Golden and she can go stay with my nephew they take really good care of her over there

"on & on"
the man that knows something knows that he knows nothing at all...

ain't that the truth, i told a PhD that last week in class, i hope that no matter how educated i become i don't belittle people she truly irked the hell out of my nerves...

ok i am done

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blkbutterfly said...

i don't usually encourage quitting something, BUT when it comes to a 2nd (or 3rd) degree, i do because at this point, you shouldn't put forth the time, money and effort if it's not really what you want to do.

oh, wow... congrats on starting the wedding coordination/planning business. it's pro bono now, but it'll be a great experience, i'm sure.

i'm something like a gypsy, do i say, move! lol... but, you have more ties than i do, so...

congrats on the promotion!