Thursday, September 30, 2010

current mood: happy

that's how it looks outside in the city right now

well maybe not RIGHT now at this very moment

but pretty much on and off all day this is how its been and will continue to go down...

and i love it!

I LOVE this time of year FALL ROCKS

(can I also say i love the fact that I am sitting at my desk typing this truly happy because i have the best quarter numbers i have ever had and i have a hat on my head and rain boots on my feet and i am listening to Jill Scott and Darius Rucker, jam to "sometimes I wonder")

I am really feeling life right now...

you know how you know someone is praying for you, i know my momma musta been praying for me to have some inner peace and comfort because that's how i have been feeling

i mean i am just so at peace right now...i have been talking myself and one of my bffs through our situations and talking about helps to process it

you know what while in conversation with him the other not he asked me "is it that simple"
my reply "yes its that simple, life isn't that complicated and love isn't hard, people make it that way"

its true

why do we get caught up in making things so much harder than they really need to be

it doesn't have to be that difficult

he's still dragging his feet and you know at this point the situation is a 50/50 split because the truth is he may not ever really fully see or get what is in front of him, even though he see's it and recognizes it, the opportunity, that doesn't mean that he can get over the past and move forward

i let that stuff go a long time ago, but maybe he hasn't...

i don't know but it ain't that deep

either you down or you not

at this point in life either shyt or get off the pot as my Madea would say

i i i i i want want want want you you you
but it won't let go...
tried to turn the sauna up a little hotter...
tried to drink the holy water...
but it won't let go...
i want you so what we gonna do...
i know you nervous, but i am genuine

but you know what, i have to remember that no one can make you happy, sad, mad or glad but YOU

we give people way to much power and control over our lives, our spirits, our emotions, or how we even feel about ourselves and its not necessary

either they see it or they don't...

its not up to you to make them see anything and you can't force grown folks to do anything

sometimes you just have to let it be
because at the end of the day you are blessed in and all by yourself

you live by to go on, you go through to grow on

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