Tuesday, September 28, 2010

bump it

fat beats
fat drums

push up the fader....
bust up the meter....
shake the tweeter....

bump it wellllll welllllll wellllll

you know I love it when they play my beat real loud


it is the one thing that has always been by my side and never leaves my side for another woman, or because i am to loud or too fat or too anything

it loves me

it doesn't judge me

it likes me for me

and it goes along with my mood

if i am feeling a little "gangsta"

if i feel like feeling love or not

if i am feeling a little blu

if i am feeling happy, sad, pretty or glad

it roles with me

no questions asked

it just gets up and moves right along with me

if I am in the truck, in the house or walking around dc, its right there with me

its the only thing besides my momma that really loves me unconditionally

it loves me and i love it


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Great post! You know we are kindred spirits on this. Music is my high!!