Friday, April 16, 2010

she lives in my lap... new MacBook Pro

definitely will be living in my lap...just got my new computer today

and i am definitely IN LOVE

although the initial set up was about to prove to be a task because my brother has no patience so he was acting a fool when i asked him to help me with the wireless for the house...had he been IN the house to help me with the task maybe it wouldn't have been as eventful but telling me instructions over the phone doesn't help because he can't see what i am talking about...eventually i got it

it doesn't help that he is already annoyed with me because i tried a detox and all veggie detox thing this week that ended up with me being taken out of my office on a stretcher in an ambulance...

yea i know way to much i still can't eat anything and as my brother stated i did in fact end up
"detoxin the mess out of" my body...

i've been in a funky mood you dig maybe being rushed to the hospital and not having my mommy here was the definite wake up call to having me feeling all alone...i had family around me and a couple of friends but dude i felt way alone

que lio

dude my spirits have really been in the dumps lately...i am hoping that i begin to feel more like myself SOONER THAN LATER i think a ME weekend is just what i need


Michyle said...

Tiff, I'm sorry to hear about your lil"detox" accident. What type of veggie detox so I can be sure not to use it? I'm glad u r ok now.

T.C. said...

it was the acai berry one from GNC boy oh boy...but i also think that the food i ate added to it...i found out the ABP near my building is just NASTY