Saturday, April 17, 2010

the corner

i am sitting here nodding my head to common

the corner...trying to stay awake on a saturday night...dude i could easily go to sleep right now and its what 8:25pm EST


oh well...i was up at 7:30 this morning and was running around all day long...and i am finally eating again which ROCKS

my brother told me i was old...i told him yea because clearly i prefer to spend money on things that will last rather than go out and waste it partying...

just like i am still figuring out this new machine i am still figuring out myself...

my mentor told me today that she doesn't think that any of us have figured out who we are just yet, not us older ones and not the younger ones...i told her i completely agreed with her and that i knew i hadn't figured out who i was...but i always remember that madea said you never fully know anyone therefore you can never know yourself because we are always growing and evolving

i do know that i would like to one day be fully comfortable inside and out with myself and every time i think i am ok, i figure out that i am not...

majorly sucks!

here i am less than 4 months from 30 and i am still like really can i get a grip already

whenever i feel like this i turn inward and i listen to music and i know that with some prayer and focus i'll be ok that's for sure

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