Monday, April 20, 2009


i am feeling uninspired
and i feel like i can't shake it
i am feeling tried
and repressed
like my spirit is some way in a depressed state of being that will not allow my soul to stop screaming
of injustice and lack of joy
for the peace in my soul that i live for
eludes me on this day
maybe its the rain
or is it the drain of the everyday mundane tasks of this life
i try to stretch and calm my being
but the reality that makes up today doesn't allow me to change the circumstances for which i am in
the normal flow of music through my veins can't even help me now
silence and a dark room are what i seek to find
so that solace can take over me as i shed my tears and find my way back to

1 comment:

j.a.c. said...

nice flow. hope tomorrow's flow is happy. =)