Tuesday, April 28, 2009

good times

don't you just love it when you can just go and have a GREAT weekend...
man oh man did I have a GREAT weekend...

started with me getting of a 1/2 day on friday and having monday OFF...yep that alone will give you cause to be like bump it imma have me some fun...THEN you add on top of that GREAT weather...now mind you i don't like heat can't stand heat but not even the heat could get me in a funky mood it was just going to be a good weekend...

i was (and still am) feeling like myself so why not go ahead and make some things happen some good old fashion clean fun!

got off went to the crib did some errands and things...got myself together and headed up to bmore to hang out with Lady P...we went to see the gentlemen that you see listed to your left under "what's rocking" the show was AMAZING...it was unique in that all of the artist...Angela Johnson, Anthony David and Eric Roberson rotated their performances...each would do a 2-3 songs and then bring out the other artist and sometimes they would sing songs that they had collaborated on...it was a PARTY! I was glad that the both of us decided to go dressed "down" and very "hip hop" because we had to stand the entire time...but like i said it was worth it...truly had a blast...the only issue i had was that friggin kitchens close in bmore at 10:30 SHARP! So since the show started on time at 8pm, and we were out by 10:45 we just KNEW we were going to get to eat and eat good...NEGATIVE...but the upper deck carry out was good enough except for the bmore bama hanging out front...but again cool night

Saturday-the KIDS and the Homies
so saturday i get mad early son...lol
and go to a church to do a workshop for teenagers 13 & up and the little ones 6-12...
well i was the first session and it was for the teens...put it to you like this ONLY 3 students showed up for the last 10 mins of the sesssion it was cool i made the best of it and rolled out...i had to be back at 1 for the little ones, got back the early session running over so by the time i get them i have 30 mins...these kids were HUNGRY and tired so me trying to keep their attention was pointless..i tried but it didn't end well...LOL lesson: give me the teenagers!

i did some mroe running around before i cleaned the house and then got rerady to have dinner with my homeboy CL...me and him go WAY back to high school and i hadn't seen him in a few years so it was nice to just go out have a meal and that be it and that be all...we laughed and joked and just had a plain old GREAT time...left there went to VA to hang out with my NC folk...good times, cards, talking smack and we eventually ended up on U Street at the new spot Next Door...i didn't get home to 4:30am...and it was all just good fun...no pressure no drama no nothing just fun!

Sunday-showers and cooking out
so my ls' bridal shower was sunday...that was so much fun...its always good to see someone who is truly happy and ready to take that step in her (or his) life to be fully committed...it was off to the parents and to the store...then i got a surprise call from sweet nee talking about a cookout...so i went over there...hung out ate some crabs and once again talked smack...ended off the night with going back to U street to see kc sing...saw some old faces and hung

Monday-lunchtime soloist
since it was my day OFF i slept in and worked out...i did have to do a call for work but that ended early...so i chilled until my momma came over for lunch and to go see the soloist...good times...she was even rocking to Anthony David talking about "i can listen to this" i just couldn't help but laugh becuase she NEVER likes my music unless i am bumpin the ole school stuff...well i wouldn't say NEVER but there have been enough times where she is like "what is this mess" she was even gangsta leaning in my truck...didn't even move the seat back up...CLASSIC...i love her!
the movie was HEAVY i mean HEAVY...very indie...i haven't read the book but the movie just i don't know how to put it into words...it ended realisitcally and having someone in my family with mental health issues it did help me to understand a little better...

overall the weekend was basically one of the BEST weekends i have had in a LONG time...i was around GREAT people, intelligent, kind, funny, honest, wonderfully good people all weekend...and that's what life is about surrounding yourself with the BEST that there is, only person missin was lil PC my cuzzo...this is what life is all about learning loving growing into the best you...this weekend i saw a glisp of my best me and i LOVED it!

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Deja~I~Am said...

Great! I had a good weekend too!! Hopefully, this weekend can be just as fun but the weather is so dreary it kinda darkens our mood. But, we shall see.

Good luck to the kids today