Tuesday, August 21, 2007


today sucks!

yes i said it, it sucks!

its raining and its cold and i want to be at home in my bed to wollow in my self pitty but i can't because i got to be at work, to work to only pay bills, because i barely make enough to make ends meet, yet i keep getting more responsibility from people, who (some) aren't the best organized and expect me to work it out...so yea it sucks....oh yea with more responsibility, haven't heard NOTHING about more money, that REALLY suckS

so today sucks...

i have to leave work to go home and cook and wash and do stuff that i have to do to survive, when all i want to do is go home and lay in my chair and look at the wall
but i have to be an adult, which guess what ladies and gentlemen, also sucks...

so yea today sucks

i can't be friggin happy all the time
i have problems and issues and sometimes insecurities and my mind is constantly running and working, sometimes for me and many times against me

so guess what, yea you guessed it

today I suck!


MysTery said...

I feel you on that sis. But if it is meant to be, which I am sure it is, a change is gonna come!!

j.a.c. said...

i suck today too t. it's not just you. today's a bad day. sorry for the lack of encouragement, but i got nothin.