Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I told honey i'd do it...so here it goes: TAG

THE RULES: Elaborate on the words below kids!

Accent – i definitely have one, its a mix of a lil "hood" with kuntry...i guess that comes from being raised in forestville area with a Alabama momma and a Virginia Daddy...even people from HERE ask me where i am from HA!

I Don't Drink – coffee, i used to drink it ALL the time, but then it got to NOT agreeing with my stomach, so no more of that

Chore I Hate – cleaning/organizing my closet! i can NOT stand it, i have too, i mean too much stuff and not enough room, even in my WALK-IN closet with room for the more than enough people, but NOT ME, i actually need someone, and i'll pay them to organize my closet and clothes for me, you know like they do on Clean House, in fact my house is extremely CLEAN other than my junkie closet

Pets – i grew up with dogs, rocs as a matter a fact...one day when i get a house, i'll get more

Essential Electronic – my tv, my stereo it would be an iPod or a Zune if i had one, i need my music all the time, unfortunately, that hasn't happened yet

Perfume/Cologne – Burberry (used to be London, but its just now the signature scent) or Gucci Rush

Gold or silver – silver or white gold...just NO yellow gold

Insomnia – times like now when i am stressed and have nightmares about various things

Job Title – Program Associate

Most Admired Trait – my complexity i think....ability to remain positive, even when i feel like i do now

Kids – 1, i am happy with one...but willing to compromise if my hubby wants more

Religion – raised southern Baptist, went to Catholic school, currently attend AME, and study with Witnesses...its all about gaining that TRUE Bible knowledge

Siblings – 5 older brothers, i only know 3

Time I wake up – depends...i can get up as early as 6am or as late as 7:45 and still get to work by 9:15

Unusual talent/skill – i don't know...talking with anyone, no matter the age, about anything...really knowing the people around me...sensing certain things

Vegetable I refuse to eat – brussel sprouts

Worst habit – always someone ELSE, "how do i look?"

X-rays – on my abdomin

My favorite meal – fresh off the stove fried chicken wings or pork chops (but they got to be nice and hot and fresh) some greens, some cornbread, with some chiterlings and stuffing...WHAT! and my momma will break that out any time, i ask, hell imma ask for it for Sunday dinner!

I tag - whoever wants do this


It is What It Is... said...

I Like this...Ima do it when I find time to blog...LOL

T.C. said...

i look forward to reading it