Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Jam of the week

ok so i haven't had one of these in a minute, but this song right here is pure fire...i mean FIRE!
I have always loved this artist but man she has made a COME BACK...or maybe we shouldn't call it a come back cause she has been here for years....

i hope you loved this as much as i do...

get it!


jus butterfli said...

heyyyy ladybug!

i've never been a big eve fan; but i've got to admit, i was bobbin' my head to this track! (lol)

i am so behind, so even tho' i've been reading, i won't comment to everything seperately. (lol) you look so pretty in your pics with your big face!! :)

i miss you and i love you lots!

ummm... i think that's about it.

talk soon?

peace, love and HUGE hugs!

RM said...

I've ALWAYS been a HUGE fan of Eve's music. I am so glad she is finally focusing on music again.

I saw the making of this video and I love the song.

I will be copping her CD for sure.

T.C. said...

@jus-yes this joint is a BANGA fo sho! you can't help but move your head to this...i love it
and YES we shall talk soon

@rm-i have loved E V E from the gate as well...love love love her...and i love this vid...she is BACK I tell you!

j.a.c. said...

doesn't one of the scenes look like the room rihanna does her video in? you know when she's in the maid outfit with the umbrella? something about it just looked really familiar. nice song though.

T.C. said...

@jac-yea everyone is doing these types of videos, they seem to be "in" and MUST be cheap...lol