Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I need to be silent

and sit still for a minute, or a while actually...

my mind is running uncontrollably right now...

yes i know i made a mistake, and the pain of hurting you hurts me more than you'll ever really know...

so today (and maybe longer) i will sit and be silent...

and i'll leave you with this:

Now that you're here
This is the moment you've been moving toward ever since the day you were born. The world you see in front of you now is the world you've long been expecting.

Now that you're here, perhaps there are some things that you find to be disappointing. Look beyond the disappointment, though, and you'll see so very much more.
You'll see within yourself a lifetime of experience that's more extensive now than ever before. You'll see opportunities for making use of that experience to create new unique and meaningful value.

You'll realize that no matter how much you've already done, there is always some new gift that you can give to life. You'll understand that no matter what may have happened before, there is always a way to move positively forward.

Now that you're here, you can learn from the past and begin to create the future. Now that you're here, you can think and feel and dream and act in accordance with your most treasured purpose.

You've traveled through a lot of living to get to this moment. Now is when you can truly fulfill the best of your possibilities.

stay up people & be blessed


Consistently Inconsistent... said...

Be blessed my sister. Sit still and wait..wait in silence, wait in peace, and know that you are being comforted during this wait.


Blu Jewel said...

stay strong, be focused, and be kind to yourself in spite of your mistakes. mistakes are learning lessons and opportunities to grow, so try not to be too hard on yourself.

i read that quote today and was uplifted too.

Balloon Man said...

Just dropping by:
Is that an original "Now that you're here"? I like it.

Why sit quite, make some noise so you can be heard!

I am blog cruising today.

By the way I love that Beyonce song and video. "I am a train wreck in the morning, I'm a b!&ch in the afternoon......I am a puzzle yes in deed"

I'll be back soon!

K.C. said...

You'll get through

K.C. said...

You'll get through

j.a.c. said...

I hope everything gets better.

T.C. said...

@ci-i truly appreciate the blessings...

@blu-mistakes are all about the growth and sometimes growth means going through growing pains, but i will survive...and i am giving myself a break I am only human, but i love me inspite of my perfect imprefections

@ballon man-Heeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyy
*me waving in excitement becuase you came to see me*
i feel you, but you know me i holla fuss so much that sometimes in order to hear myself i just need to be quite

@kc-yes i know...

@jac-im actually ok...and in time i'll be back to 100%