Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Tag: IPOD of Your Life

I swiped this from Tenacious (I hope she doesn't mind) who did this and I thought I would try it....and it’s pretty fun actually

1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

Opening Credits: "Good Man" India Arie
*Wow....makes me think of my Dad...and my brothers...guess that's what deep down in my heart one day I want...*

Waking Up: "Good Ol Days" LeVert
*Man this was the JAM....this is what I need to get my spirits in a good mood and get me moving*

First Day At School: "Sweetest Thing (Mahogony Mix)" Lauryn Hill
*Makes me remember when I was bold, it was the end of 10th grade year and I walked up to this tall light skin dude and asked him "have you found the perfect girl yet?" Man I was something...far from perfect...but that dude turned out to be one of my closests friends...despite the beefs over the past what 10 years...that's my man...my homie....*

Falling In Love: "Be With you" Beyonce
*Man I guess that's how you are supposed to feel..."I'd rather be with you..." I like the orginal better though Hey Boostie*

Fight Song: "Boogie Nights/All Night long" Erykah Badu...
*I guess since I am too old to be fighting in the first place...I should be thinking about "boogin" and not fighting so this will work...lol*

Breaking Up: "Sunday Morning" Maroon 5
*NOT a break up song...but I love this song...so Imma let it ride for a second...*

Prom: "Take Me As I Am" Mary J
*totally how I feel now, not on prom...*

Life is good: "Closer" Floetry
*yeah the beat the rhythm....Just a little bit, little bit, little bit closer....HELLO...

Mental Breakdown: "Living Proof" Kelis
*me breaking down and rebuilding...love it*

Driving: "About you" Mary J
*yea man late at night in the truck, music going, sounds pumping...yea hear that beat...feeling it, feeling it...*

Flashback: "The Truth" India Arie
*Makes me think of what I THOUGHT my ex was...but in the end yea he would have to be real...and we would have to be a reflection of each other...that's what is supposed to be right*

Getting Back Together: "Torn" LaToya
*Umm I don't think we are getting back together...& that's a good thing...*

Marriage: "Necromancer" Gnarls Barkley
*the song is about suicide....so I don't think this goes with marriageeither...but imma listen....the musical composition...man....*

Birth: "Harder to Breathe" Maroon 5
*I can imagine it would be...*

Final Battle: "Forgive them Father" Lauryn Hill
*yea that makes sense...all those that hold a beef, got a grudge, liars, fakers, whatever...in the final days...forgive us all*

Funeral Song: " "I can change" John Legend fet. Snoop Dogg
*I guess at that point its too late to change...but like Snoop Dogg (really Sam Cook) says: "change gonna come nephew" HELLO*

End Credits: "Secret" Maroon 5
*yea in the end...imma still have some of them...*

Ok that was real cute and fun...man I have a lot of different music...but I still need to get some more...I don't think that mix list was a good one...a lot of Maroon 5's first album on here...but hey I didn't want to cheat...

Have fun if you decide to do this!


Daneger said...

I wish I had an Ipod so I could understand what this one was about...LOL.

Tenacious said...

Hey thanks for stopping by and of course I dont mind...I swiped it from someone :)

Oh Maryland's not bad at all, I guess thats a bad inside joke that I should people in, I just noticed people from DC/VA/MD rarely crosses the bridges into each other terrority :)

T.C. said...

@dane-I just did mines on the windows media player on my computer....and did a the random mix and did it that way...

@tenacious-I get what you were saying...because you are right, born and raised in the MD and can't stand the VA...its like once you are on one side of the Potomac that's you side...LOL....

A woman on the move said...

Thanks for giving me some good downloads...

Anonymous said...

okay i'm totally clueless about the ipods thing....

T.C. said...

@awotm-Welcome hun! And the thing is my song list is better than that...LOL

@svw-do your windows media player....& don't feel bad I don't have one either but I am about to get a ZUNE....