Wednesday, October 04, 2006


so I'm playing "Truth or Dare" over at *~Rapturous Souls~* spot.

So...if you guys want to play we can if not...I will play on that end with them...
I really liked this game as a teenager coming up, got to know a lot about those I hung around playing this game at SBoo's house in that was the spot. We would just sit up and Truth or Dare each other all night long...them was the days...

Ok so here's how you play:

You comment on this "Truth or Dare" post with either TRUTH or DARE. I will respond with a question or a dare (in my comments), and then you must post your response on your blog so that I can make sure you actually did it. How about we make the title something along the lines of Truth or Dare?!

THEN, you get to ask me Truth or Dare.

Here are a few suggested guidelines:
~Let's not ask to see pics of each other insane or not reasonable like you know asking for a naked photo. The idea is to get to know each other better, not embarrass each other.
~Ask interesting questions nothing perverted
~If you do a dare, it has to be something that can be easily shown by posting a pic online
~No crazy/illegal dares

I chose TRUTH:

Here's what Rapturous asked me:

@TC: TRUTH...tell us the single scariest moment (either emotionally or physically)in your life thus far in detail.

Here is my


From BrillD: Here's one for you. Truth. What is
your opinion of Black Canadians?

Here is my Truth:
Honestly I don't have an opinion of Black Canadians, Black Europeans, Black who are the first Black Canadian that I have ever had any "real" interaction with...based on what you have said seems to me that you have the same issues that we have here in America being black or any minority (including a impoverished white person)...and it might be a little worse because HERE, BUT at least we KNOW what this country was built on, we know what we are dealing Canada I think there is a misconception that is "all good" and there isn't racism...but I think you all feel it too...I think we are all in the struggle together in some form or fashion...that's what I think and we still need to start with bringing the BLACK family (all over the world) back together...and outside of my "Black Power" movement speech...I mean you seem cool...I don't know what to say....seem like peoples, like any other Black person...

Updated 10/06/06

From JAC: In your last meaningful relationship, what was the thing that your ex liked least about you? i.e. What was his most consistent complaint and what did you learn from it?

Here is my truth
My last meaningful/committed relationship ended two basically three years ago, and started in 1999...*just wanted to give some back ground* so I was really young and should have been focused on dealing with me and not on a relationship...but love waits for no one and I was with my ex from 1999 until July 2004. I will start with the superfical stuff because the other stuff will require me to you know look deep inside of my shopping...he couldn't stand the fact that I would be in the malls for HOURS upon HOURS upon HOURS on end dragging him along for the VERY painful ride of finding me something to wear...I would constantly complain about myself and that would annoy him because he thought I was I can honestly say that my shopping which was a habit due to low self-esteem was a problem something that he liked least.

But THE one thing that I can honestly look back on and say to MYSELF that I think he liked least because its the one thing I liked least when we were together was the way I talked to him. See I grew up in a house where I was taught NOT to take any "stuff" from someone, but never taught how to stand your ground and NOT belittle someone. I honestly would belittle my ex..when we FIRST got together it was cool, but once we were together for about a year around our 21st birthdays...MAN I got so mean and nasty with him...I mean I remember one time I just ripped into him over something really smal and not major at all, I mean really petty issue, but I ripped into him right there in his OWN cousins living room in front of EVERYONE...I was so wrong, totally out of line and just being a brat! It wasn't the first time, but it was surely the last, because the look of humliation on his face was enough to just break my heart! I learned to speak to him better convey my dislike for his actions in a better way. First off that it should be done one on one...unless its just crazy disrespectful type of actions (which he NEVER did) than it could wait until we were alone to discuss as adults not to yell, curse and fuss like we were crazed fools...Secondly, I learned that he would listen and take me more seriously if I didn't talk down to him or at him but with him...Third, that my nasty attitude at times got me NO where and my excuse that I am just like my father was just that an excuse and I had to make a CHOICE in how I was going to live my life and conduct my personal relationships! So that was a lesson and I learned to have better self esteem and to express myself accordingly in a relationship...


BrillD said...

OK. I'm down. Dare.

T.C. said...


Ok I dare you to want you to write a letter to the ONE person who is STILL living that you love and wish was still actively IN your life....

BrillD said...

Hey t.c.. I swear, there's nobody.
I'm big on keeping relationships

Here's one for you. Truth. What is
your opinion of Black Canadians?

T.C. said...

Ok so I DARE you to eat oatmeal for breakfast...and you must take a picture of this

BrillD said...

t.c. is a chicken.

T.C. said...

WHAT cause I didn't give you some crazy DARE to do..or because you didn't like my answer...OK well than TRUTH brilld what do YOU think about Black Americans?

Anonymous said...

I'm down with you and Trizzy. Truth!

T.C. said...

Ok Ok J...let me see...if you could be ANYTHING in life what would you be?

Anonymous said...

In your last meaningful relationship, what was the thing that your ex liked least about you? i.e. What was his most consistent complaint and what did you learn from it?