Sunday, September 10, 2006

You can find me in the A? Stop playin...Fo Real Though

So I just got back from a quick business trip down in the good ole Atlanta was quite interesting because the cost of living down there is pretty decent and I could easily get me a teaching gig (something I have been thinking about my purpose in life, and if I am meant to teach, you know be with the kids, make a difference...) and get me a condo downtown for under $200K or buy an older house for like $ know...the market is pretty much like the Baltimore market right now.

But man that's a HUGE step, to just jump out there and just go dolo...well I really wouldn't be dolo I have two line sisters down there, I just met another soror this weekend, and I have a homeboy down there too...JAC is talking about moving there and so is Jessi, so I mean I would have folks down there.

I would only be 4 hours from my grandmother, and eventually my parents when they move back to Alabama. But man, I have lived in DC all of my life, ALL of my life! I am really ready for such a move? Yeah its hella high here, but I mean this is all I know, this is what I know, all day long...there are still some things that I haven't done yet, like Adams Morgan Day (which is today), the Black Family Reunion, you know just stuff that is strictly DC and I haven't even gotten around to doing it. I know I could always come back to visit, but dag on...

Then there is Kiamsha, what's going to happen to Kiamsha? I don't see anyone who is going to step up and take my roll, not now, not any time soon...Kiamsha is a wonderful organization, and I know something would work out, but man I love them kids, what will I do with out them?

Its a lot to think about...a lot to ponder over...what ya'll think?


Rika said...

I say do it. For the record, Jessica JUST started "thinkting" about moving there this past weekend. I have been thinking about this move for a minute now & even told you about it. Either ATL or Charlotte/Raleigh/Durham, North Cakalaky for me. I gotta move on. MD, DC, VA is OVER for me. It's DONE!!!!

T.C. said...

That's how I feel Rika....I think he thinking process started when I came back and said I am about to be out and I am seriously thinking about it...I don't know what I am going to do, but I am thinking about it...I need a change for 2007!

S. said...

I think you should apply for positions and see what you get...You dont have to accept an offers just apply so you can see what type of salaries companies are offering. I say roll out.

Kep said...

Well you know I'm biased towards you staying, but don't stay because you're scared of something different. As far as Kiamsha is concerned. . .yeah, right now it might not go all that well without ya. I'd start recruiting backup now. I'll be back in Summer '08 so you know I'll be ready to pick up some slack. Maybe I need to find someone to handle Alumni?

Either way, I'm sure you'll make a difference wherever you go.