Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Yesterday, September 19, 2006, Hip Hop, real hip hop, story telling, beats, purpose and true word mastery was brought back to life with the introduction of Lupe Fiasco to the world!

Note there would have been a picture of him right here...but freaking blogger wouldn't put it up for some reason...

I very rarely sit and listen to a CD, any CD, in one sitting...but last night I couldn't help but put in the "Food and Liquor" CD as soon as I got home from the purchase and let the entire CD rock from beginning to end...Loving every single track on the album...Kick, Push was only a mere introduction to the world of this man's lyrical skills...

I am truly loving this disc and I really encourage any one who hasn't already gone to cop this album to do so IMMEDIATELY...not now, but RIGHT NOW!

Well hopefully you will get is a little inside on the man from the man:

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