Thursday, December 02, 2010

really random

so my NEW ipod nano screen is already CRACKED
COME ON i just bought this thing like 3 weeks ago!
well that's why i paid for the insurance because it is going BACK
Thank you

so i realized something about myself

as a woman, when it comes to relationships, with the opposite sex
i need a few things (beyond you given, faithful, loyal, honest..)
yep, i need for you to be consistent
i need for there to be a routine

i am a routine type of person
i pretty much do the same thing day in and day out
including what i eat

it may seem pretty boring to most people, but i am definitely o k with being boring

of course we all like a little spice, surprise, something different every now and then
but i am a creature of habit and well it makes me feel safe and therefore SANE

see that's what is definitely MOST important in my life right now is peace and sanity

it makes me as a woman feel safe and secure

i don't like having room to wonder, to think, or ponder certain things

especially LOVE

it should just be and has to be a given

so if you aren't the most romantic...

if you aren't the most spontaneous

if we live in the most generic of love songs

as long as you are consistent and reliable (in the positive, because you can always be a consistently an ass as well)

i don't know am i crazy?

i know i can be but i think with this it isn't much to ask

on another note day 5 of NO MEAT and its not that hard, again because i am a creature of habit i just eat the same thing and keep it moving

working out daily and things seem to be really coming along

i am seeing the difference on the scale, not really in my shape just probably just water weight, but maybe not because this time i am working out with it so i am hoping that this will be sustainable weight loss

even if i cut up on the weekends a little bit, if i can make eating well during the week a habit and working out a habit, just apart of my daily routine then i think i may be able to get where i want to be or need to be rather for health reasons and i'll be able to hopefully stay there

in short i am finding and fighting my way to happiness

i think its definitely something that is a conscious effort to do every single day of your life
and i am choosing to be as happy as i can be

the things that i can't control i have to let go of and simply focus on the things that i can control and right now the only thing i can control is ME

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