Wednesday, December 15, 2010


that's the number of this post

and since i don't have a title for it, it will do

wow i have written 551 posts that's mad crazy my NYC voice

i have had a lot of blog topics come in and out of my mind the last view days and i wanted to blog but there has been so much going on that i just haven't had the time

if you are here in the DMV its OH SO COLD outside right now

like so cold i went and got a fofafur hat, you know one of those big hats people wear in places like Alaska! hahahaha

well if you saw a crazy lady with one on and a bubble coat this morning on the Metro that was me...actually there were a lot of people on the metro with similar hats but the older ladies had the fofamink ones on LOL

i am in a good place as the year ends, like emotionally i have my feelings (remember you guys i have come to NOT like having feelings at all)

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