Monday, December 06, 2010


so am i the ONLY person that could care less about holiday decorations?

i admit when i was a child this was the BEST time of year, not my fav, my bday has always been my FAVORITE...but the holidays from thanksgiving to Christmas definitely was THE next best thing and don't forget the time off from school

but now that i am a young adult (still will not claim that i am a straight up adult)

i could really CARE LESS about holiday decorations

i definitely believe if i had children i would be in the "spirit" of things

my co-worker was like "you have your decorations up?"

my response: "what decorations? i don't have any kids"

yep that's my excuse or reasoning

i mean what is the point in trying to decorate if you don't have a family

i mean the holidays are for family time and since i don't have a family i prefer to just act like its just any other time of the year...i definitely enjoyed thanksgiving this year and i am sure i will enjoy the day with extended family

but for now and definitely in the near future, i.e. next year, i don't foresee any decorations over here

p.s. i do NOT like holiday music...yea i know

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Anonymous said...

Argh! Shoot an arrow through my heart! *lol* I absolutely LOVE holiday music! I agree on the decorations though - I did very little before I had my son. Now, I do the bare minimum, but I realize that I'll have to do more as he gets older.