Monday, November 29, 2010

no meat

that's what i am on this week

no meat

period the end

i am not doing the raw food diet but I am going to go without any form of meat this week
you can get your protein from other things like beans and plus i already drink BOOST daily because i don't eat red meat or pork anymore...

so basically i will be going without poultry and seafood this week

i started yesterday and i am pretty much doing a liquid thing with beans a lot of veggies/salad and tofu...

NO sauce either (i know)

just left the gym, i pretty much have been going every single day i did rest yesterday because Saturday i moved my girl P and being that she was on the top floor let's just say that was my workout for the was worth it though she is SO happy

you know i love seeing the people in my life happy

i spent tim with close friends and family this weekend and even snuck in an extra day off, TODAY...i needed it i was tired i didn't do much but i guess my body is just tired

i have noticed that since i have started working out i am not nearly as hungry as i used to may also be because i have started getting my calcium levels together to combat my vitamin D that thing causes mad problems including weight that explains a lot huh since i am allergic to all things lactose

anyways its amazing to me that people even out this age don't think before the "speak" or should i say text...really dude..classic

good thing is that i learned a long time ago that words don't mean much anything anyways...because unless you are acting on it then it won't matter much to me

so with that being said your girl is surely about to be about it

2010 is coming to a close really quickly and i have really accomplished some things but in other areas i have been straight BS'ing and really when it came to myself mentally, physically and emotionally have been slipping and have just been going with the flow of life and things

i am way to old now to just be going with the flow so i am taking action and focusing on feels good too because i am focused man....

so i am going to stay focused and cleanse my system


let's see how long i can do this for


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the no meat thing. How's the week going so far? I've tried it, but I'm weak for meat. I love veggies, but I feel like something is missing when I don't have meat.

T.C. said...

its been a little rough but its going to be worth 4 down!