Wednesday, December 08, 2010

living outside of yourself

Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.
Romans 12:1

so this really pulls together how i have been feeling about love lately

see love is one of the most SELFLESS things you can ever do in this life because when you love someone, its totally NOT about you anymore

see loving someone else means that you love them as THEY need to be loved

am i still not making sense?

see we all have a love language:
words of affirmation
quality time
receiving gifts
acts of service
physical touch

we all have a way in which we need love to be expressed to us, and no two people are alike, most people have a primary and secondary language

me i NEED communication and time

so how i need to be loved and how you need to be loved are going to be different, sometimes the same, but may be different

so when you love someone, you go outside of yourself and you love them how THEY NEED to be loved and you don't do it because you feel like you'll get it back, because in reality you may not get it back, but because you love this person SO MUCH you are willing to go outside of yourself and just love on them how they need to be loved and you hope they love you enough to love you how YOU NEED to be loved

again, love is the most selfless thing you can ever do because when you truly love someone you love them how they need to be love for no other reason than you wanting to make them happy and making them happy makes you happy

i hope you followed that i know it was a little around and around in a circle type of deal but hey that's what's on my mind right now

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blkbutterfly said...

Yep, followed it perfectly!

Now, on to applying it more effectively...