Sunday, February 28, 2010


i am watching that movie
"year one"
its ironically based on stories from the old testament...not sure if i like it

i have been watching tv and cleaning and on the computer
i have read several blogs in the last few days

most center around love, giving women advice on men and how they are simple, things that women wants in a man, and how individuals are looking to take 30 days to create "good habits" such as working out and getting more spiritual...

my mind continues to just run and run on and on about things to make my life better my soul better just me better

i was going to right a list of things that i want in a relationship the character traits that i would like to see in the man that would make me his wife...

maybe i'll journal about it maybe i won't make a list but i guess with anything you want in life you have to list it out...

here is the confusing part, i am not remotely interested in being in a relationship dating or anything remotely close because I am not interested in getting hurt again

BUT i want to be married and have kids and spend my life with someone...

i am quit content being single and i just don't feel like being bothered with the drama

but here is the thing that i am realizing and the one thing i know for sure is life ALWAYS has a way of working itself out even when we don't see it

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