Monday, February 15, 2010


so again if you have followed this blog for a while you know i don't do the entire V day thing

i just feel like it shouldn't take one day to express love to those you love

love should be expressed 365 days a year not just one specific day out of the year...

i think i take that approach for most holidays

my mother always told me that the older you get the more holidays birthdays become more like just any other day

i get that, i get that one day shouldn't be set aside to show love and appreciation or to give to those in your life...its a 365 day a year process...

i chilled for most of the day but i did get up and go and see my homegirl sing with her band Black Alley and Dionne Farris was there as well! it was a GREAT show

to top it off it was another lil homies birthday so a lot of the homegirls where there and we had a GREAT time just dancing and singing and it was a good day full of love around people that i truly appreciate...

only the bff and lil big sis were missing you know..

today...i chill

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