Tuesday, February 23, 2010

brain dumpin

i am working

i am currently working my way through all the songs on my ipod for some reason my playlist got erased...amazing i know

i still don't know how to work this thing

i tried eating healthy this morning but by 11:15 i was STARVING so i went and got some mini beef ravioli and i tore it up! oh and i had a coke too


shrugs oh well

starting to get a hang of my job still a lot of things to remember though but hopefully i'll be deemed successful tomorrow for my first quarterly review

sade is now playing

you know poverty bothers me to no end the fact that people are homeless and have nothing to eat bothers me, but folks that fake it bother me even more...how you fresh to death to INCLUDE cologne and you asking for change??? smh

i am cutting some folks off...i can't do the negativity in my life i am proud of you for all you have and all you have accomplished but DO NOT diminish what i have accomplished by myself smh

guess i gotta shrug you off

just do you and imma do me...i am happy for you and all you got, but respect what i have worked for...and KNOW that material stuff easy comes easy GOES...

some folks need to grow up...dude you grown stop playing games, i wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole...he best keep my name out his mouth is one thing i am sure off...1998 TC wants to stay there...don't make her come out


i left my phone at home again today, it doesn't bother me, not like people text or call me during the day...shurgs..its actually refreshing not to be HOOKED to something like a phone

i need to start working out again

erykah badu is rocking now

i need her and Jilly from Philly to tour again...

i am in charge of planning a family cruise for next Feb/March...why do i volunteer for these things

my first mortgage payment is due 3/1...i wanted to have it split up in payments throughout the month by the first payment but alas it won't work out that way until hopefully April...so i'll be broke the first week of the mouth

i need to budget though i have been spending like a fool lately...

i need to start that 21 days to financial freedom book...

i need to get back to my daily bible study sessions with myself

there's a whole lot of things i need to do

i don't care if he likes me, i am not interested...nothing against nobody i am chilling...i don't feel like wasting folks time nor mines and i am still healing...

wish it was easy to just turn feelings OFF but i guess they wouldn't be feelings then would they

i forget i am 29 maybe its easier for me if don't think about the fact that i am 29 and still VERY single...like i don't even talk to anyone on the phone...CLASSIC!

my co-worker thought i was lying i was like "nope, its just me" LITERALLY in every sense of the word

but i would rather be solo dolo than be faking it like its all gravy and its not, or to settle just to be with someone, or have a piece a man instead of no man...naw i am good son...LOL

don't get me wrong i gets lonely at times but its cool in time i guess

my girls seem to be having good fortunes in the love arena and that makes me MAD happy! :) i love seeing people IN love or falling IN love

LOVE still rocks! just not for me right now

you know what songs speak to me, like she was in my head looking at my life when she wrote them, Sade's first 3 songs on her new album...MAN

but like Corrine said "i'd do it all again"

i hope my topper for my bed finally comes today...UPS has been sucking majorly on the delivering of my topper it was supposed to be delivered A WEEK AGO! i need to sleep dag on it!

once i get that along with my mouth guard i should be able to finally sleep sound! wooohooooooo

life is funny...people are funny...nothing seems to last forever...one thing that's always constant is YOU

only person you can control is YOU

gotta remind myself of that...also gotta remind myself that i am aiight...just me and i am alright with me...

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