Saturday, February 20, 2010

a day

in the life of tc

most days here is how it goes: but we'll focus on 2/18/10

5:30/45 AM i get up to get ready for work
i never take longer than about 30 mins because i pick out and iron my clothes the night before and i pack my lunch or whatever as all i have to do is get up and get dressed and out the door i go

6:15 leave the house for the metro

7:00 walk into ABP to get a cup of hot water

7:05 walk into the building

7:10 at my desk
check some emails get myself together get the ipod rotation running right and off working i go

9:45 get up to walk over the HQ to participate in the annual black history event

10:00 the show starts: the play "the meeting" which is actually being performed by one of my Kiamsha cool is that i know the star of the play

11:30 the play ends and it ROCKED

11:45 walked over to Barnes & Nobles because i am pumped plays always get me wanting to get into artistic things being that i haven't read anything worth anything in a while i purchase 3 books
1. brother west living and loving outloud, dr. cornel west (i am definitely a west STAN ever since i saw him the first time at Morgan State Univesity while in undergrad i have always been impressed not only by his intelligence but by how humble he is)
2. 21 days to financial freedom, michelle singatary (with a new mortgage beginning March 1, i need to make sure i keep my funds TIGHT and make sure i am making the best decisions i can with regard to spending)
3. the souls of black folk, w.e.b. dubois (a class piece of black literature that i need to read and have in my collection)

i hit mcdonalds because i haven't had a sweet tea in way too long and back to the office i go
12:00 PM i am back at my desk reading writing getting things done

3:30 i am starting to slow down and i am ready to go, so i guess i'll walk around the office and small talk for a little bit...i read a article on yahoo that stated that strictly staying in your cubical won't make you a better employee...

4:30 IM OUT for the weekend by the way...i walk 4 blocks to the metro station

5:45 i am home...

i call UPS becuase my package with my topper for my bed has YET to arrive from, its supposed to have been here TUESDAY...because of the snow i am getting the whole "we have trailers full of packages"

7:00 UPS arrives with a box but NOT the one i am waiting on...blown

8:00 called UPS back because the lady told me i had until 8pm for my package to be delivered nothing they can do but send a message to local station and ask them to call me
i gotta get myself together now because i got to meet the bff for aunt e's going away party

9:25 get up to the spot no parking because of all the snow, ride around for a while looking for a spot

9:45 find bff and cousin r...we park in a lot next door tot he spot but when we go in i notice a sign that says not to park there because they tow so i ask and its confirmed that they WILL tow you, so we leave out and eventually find somewhere to park

10:00 back in the building...a go-go band is playing "let it flow" i haven't been to a go-go in YEARS...but its a cool crowd in we were in the "vip" section of the place chilling...

we party have a good time the ladies enjoying each other buggin and dancing

12:00AM we roll out

12:45AM i am home

so that was a day in the life, not your typical because CLEARLY i don't go out much let alone during the week...but i say that as i prepare to hit bday party HA!

working my way back

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