Sunday, October 19, 2008

honest award

so i was graciously nominated for the "honest blogger award" by (g mo & honey) and per the rules i have to select 7 folks that i believe are deserving of this i was nominated twice does that mean i need to do 14??? naw i don't think so but i may have more than here we go
When you receive the prize you must write a post showing it, together with the name of who has given it to you, and link them back. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs (or more) that you find brilliant in their content or design. Show their names and links and leave them a comment informing they were prized with ‘Honest Weblog’. Show a picture of those who awarded you and those you give the prize (optional). List [if you can and or dare] at least ten honest things about yourself. And then, pass it on.

1. mikesee: i gotta start with this guy because he is indeed the VERY reason i started blogging in the first place. now i have known this intelligent brotha since ummm what 10th grade chemistry class...he has always been deep, real, smart, street smart but book smart and will come at your kneck but knows how to be a the beginning he was totally chronicling his life, now its more a political-hip hop what's going on in the world restropective type of blog...we all come to a point in our life though when sometimes we have to keep certain things to ourselves so i am guessing he is at that point in his life...but he started me on this journey so shots to him

2. jac: she and i started blogging at the same time...we have both grown a lot during the last two years, ups and downs being chronicled on the screne...she has a way of writing not only about the real of her life but also creating pieces that are creative...she has such a sweet and enduring spirit and it totally comes across on her blog...not to mention that she keeps us coming with the latest fashion and hair and all the girlie things that we women love, including the boys...her honesty helps me grow

3. honey libra: my shortie honey...always upfront in your face doesn't matter what it is, she is going to keep it straight up and honest. no matter what she is going through she lets her soul speak through her fingers and that's a brave and admirable thing to do...from her joys, hopes, and loves she talks to us...even making us laugh out loud very often from her candid observations about life in the DMV...its like you are having a conversation with this crazy loud girlfriend in your living room, when you are really at your desk...she says things that i am often times afraid to say...

4. g mo: another brotha that's really out here being open and honest about life and love. i think that's what draws me to his page is how he explores the love that he has for his wife and his family. he is surrounded by women, mother, sister, nieces and his wife...and he just loves and adores those women, so its extremely refreshing to read about a man living his life in such a positive way. then you gotta add on the fact that he is a music and sports fanatic! so you can be sure to always get the hottest reviews

5. jussy: big sista gotta love her! she is always keeping it straight up and honest. she is the one that has taught me NOT to force anything in this life...she feels how she feels period point blank and she makes absolutely NO apologies for feeling the way that she does. and if she doesn't have anything to say she doesn't...she understands that sometimes being quiet is the best thing for the soul and she shares that with for the soul

6. Blu: the other big sis...she has shared her deepest most vulnerable moments...even LIFE altering moments with the blog world. she moves outside of herself to share things with others so that THEY can do better...totally selfless in sharing her deepest darkest secrets so that others can learn from her, grown with her, and be as strong as she is...truly a beautiful sista inside and out
7. eb the celeb: this girl is wild and the life of the party and i LOVE it. don't get me wrong, she is as vulnerable and introspective as any of us...but she lives life and she enjoys every single second of it and she is more than willing to share her deepest intermost feelings whether they are happy, sad, or glad...and that's always refreshing

8. all-mi-t: this dude right here! keeps me up on ALL that i need to keep up on in the world...breaking down every political, economical, sexual, relationship gander you can think of...and its straight from the hip...this dude is not only degreed, but extremely intellectual and profound (we all know that degrees don't = intelligence) he is a wonderful know he loves his family, his kids and is a good dude...
9. precious gem: my sweet sweet soul p...gotta love this girl...even if i didn't know her personally i would totally dig and love her vibe and her spirit...its so, what's the word, ORGANIC...meaning pure, no additves she is just who she is...and she is okay with that...loving herslf and growing into herself...she doesn't force anything she allows herself to just be and that's a beautiful thing...she is honestly and truly a precious gem, rare and special

10. E: this is the most random, brain dumping dude on the blogsphere to me...and i love it...he just spits it out...all right there for you...from his random thoughts about random things in life, such as snack cakes, the form of a woman, to his favorite tv shows and soaps...he is who is and makes absolutely NO apologies for it, and he shouldn't...that's what sets him apart...and we can't forget how he always has the ROCKIN playlist whenever you go over to his spot

11. a woman on the move: another one of the FIRST blogs i came across when i first started blogging a little over 2 years ago...and she is open and BOLD about everything, the good the bad and the ugly, her insecurities, he strengths, it all! and i love that about her, it doesn't matter what it is, from her accomplishments to some of her set-backs she shares it all...and from it all she grows and helps us all to grow and believe with her...
so 10 things about me:
1. i can cook...but breakfast was the LAST meal i learned to cook...the reason that's important is because i HATED the fact of cooking as a young woman...i totally REFUSED to be the "in the kitchen woman" that's all my mother seemed to do and i hated that "traiditonal" role marriage that they had so i rebelled but now i embrace that part of being a woman, a person
2. i am EXTREMELY protect of my brothers...extremely...i have told women that they "were NOT to return to the house" because i didn't like what they did or said or didn't say when coming into my parents this day i am still protective but i don't run my mouth like i used too
3. growing up i was always was a VERY blunt like to a fault...
4. i love sitting in the quite and doing absolutely NOTHING
5. i have a walk-in closet that i can't walk all..its amazing i can even find half the stuff that i find...and that's AFTER i have given away 3 HUGE bags of clothes, etc this year
6. i change my comforter set every season...i like to change with the normally i get a fall/winter and spring/summer...i i give a lot of those away as well
7. i like have complete darkness and silence to sleep
8. when i am DEAD tired i snore like a grown man...HA!
9. i HAVE to shower at least 2 a day...
10. i miss my friends, a LOT...seems like we are all just living life and get caught up in the day t day...and i miss my girls and my homeboys too...
11. my patience is being tested right now...BIG things still in the works but they are taking longer than i thought


Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

thanks for the love folk im flattered

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shot-out.

Eb the Celeb said...

aawwwee missy... thx for the kind words

I am a little vulnerable aint I... wont admit that in the real world... but its all gravy in blog land!

PreciousGem-Refinement in Progress said...

Thanks for the award! You're so sweet!