Friday, August 27, 2010


sometimes in life we kinda just float through we don't necessarily think about all that is going to eventually come back to us...

that's why you have to be the best person you can possibly be while being true to yourself..

its definitely not the easiest thing to do, because sometimes being true to yourself will mean hurting someone's feelings or not answering a phone call when you just aren't up for being the listening ear because let's face it you may be going through your own issues and problems at the present time

i think this song (i know i am late with posting) but listening to this song today helped to remind me that even though the first law of nature is "self preservation"

one must also be true to the the commandment to love thy neighbor as thy self...
and sometimes that's not always the easiest thing to do, especially when someone hurts you...but we have to remember its up to us what we take in and what we don't...
its easier said than done, especially when you're hurting...but i always remember that person will have to live with the fact that they did you remain true to who you are

we all must remember that whatever energy we put out into the universe will come back to us, so be sure you are putting out the positive, remember to lift people up and love one another

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