Monday, January 25, 2010

colonic and other cleansing things...

yep you read right i am going to get my first colonic on sunday...
ironic that its a Sunday that i am going for the colon cleansing procedure but hey i know that i need to get it done

we all need a good cleaning physically sometimes as much as mentally...and i can't take many of the natural cleansers because i am allergic...

they say that the process is supposed to help with a lot of different thing including allergies...i sure hope so that would be AWESOME

my momma however, who is one of the funniest people i have ever met asked me WHY i needed to have it done...and i quote
"why can't you just run water up your own A$$, if that's all it takes i could have ran some water up there when you were home (her home Alabama) this past summer and been done with, why don't you just drink some casteroil or magnesium nitrate"

CLASSIC i love my momma i only got one...that's it and that's all and there isn't anyone that "gets me" like my momma and i love her for it!

you know what else is cleansing

not caring what people think...that's so cleansing

not knowing everything and KNOWING you don't know everything it ROCKS! becaust it let's you be humble

you know what else is cleansing...having a conversation with a girlfriend about life a real neither one of us are fronting but being mad real convo

or being around two people in love and seeing how much they love each other for who they are...seeing that man be a man for her

seems like everyone around me is finding that special love or making moves for themselves or having a baby

dude i LOVE seeing those around me happy that is like so refreshing for the soul...

something else that cleanses me riding and bumping music

and finally the other thing that rocks, that i am about to partake in...NAPS!

A nap on a MONDAY afternoon...loving it...

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Michyle said...

Tiff, I use to get colonics and they do work. You will be surprised to see themess that comes out of your body. Nevertheless, over time, I felt like if I continued to eat right, do a few cleanses on my own, I wouldn't need to get a colonic as often as I was getting them. You may get sick afterwards but you will feel lighter(lol).