Saturday, January 30, 2010

another snow day

its been a really snowy winter

i don't know why, but i kinda thought it would be a little rough

its only 7:30pm on a Saturday and i could just go to bed already...

i've been chilling all day

i did get up and go and get some Chinese food but clearly my 4x2 truck didn't want to act right

my brother stated "you should just get the Q7 it has all wheel drive" my response:
"i need to get used to paying a mortgage first"

plus my truck has 90K+ miles on it but it rides well i have NO major issues with it and it will be paid off in what a month, the last payment is dude in March, which is the first month the mortgage payment is ironic

when i think about it when i moved out the first time with lil big sis it was March of 2004 here i am 6 years later back in the same spot i left but its now mines

its so surreal

my uncle hotrod called me today he is always funny, i am a lot like him and my dad, i take nothing off of no one...seems to be way more acceptable with men to be that way than for women...i am learning to channel my mother a little bit more and trying to get my point across a little better...

i downloaded not even all of my music to my new ipod nano...2431 songs 7.2 days of music

i haven't put everything on there...that's the scary party...i only bought the 16GB one i knew i needed more than the 8GB but geesh its already over half full of music

i love music

i always have

it seems that all of us (my fathers kids, my brothers and i) love music 2 of them are extremely musically inclined i am 1 of the 2 that is not...but i love music

i am glad i have an ipod because now i can drown folks out at work and get work done

i still feel like i am finding my footing at work in life really

i don't know why i feel so off right now, all these major things have happened continue to happen really positive things but my two best homies (my parents) aren't here

one of my co-workers said i was going through what a lot of the young co-workers who have moved here from out of state have experienced

my parents were/ARE such a HUGE part of my life that its hard to have all these GREAT things happen and they aren't here

my like my momma (she is so wise) told me yesterday
"GOD is always with you"

and she is absolutely correct I just wish she and my dad could be here too

but you gotta grow up sometime and since i'll be 30 this year no better time than the present to get it together and learn to stand on my own two feet you know

i've been doing that but geesh when you are doing it by yourself

let's just say it aint all that easy

still working on my faith just like everyone else...

i am listening to "el cantante" LOVE this song...the music oh the music, the horns, the drums, the congas...

my oldest brother said he doesn't think we are puerto rican (yes i have been saying for years now that there is some sort of spanish heritage going on) but probably more like the Dominican republic

ok i really think i am going to get some sort of dna test down to trace my roots

i slept last night through the night without tossing and turning for the first time in a LONG time

i actually woke up feeling like i slept i got some rest

that was a good feeling
i am hoping that since the house process is completed i can stop stressing
my colonic has been rescheduled to next Sunday

that works for me because Monday is my weigh for our little unofficial "biggest loser" at work

we are going until May 24th whoever loses the MOST weight wins the pot of money each person is puttin in $20....we'll see what happens...

i need to start exercising once i get into the routine i'll be fine i am sure

i wonder if the schools will be closed on Monday that will mean no Kiamsha, i love them kids they off the hook but i love them

now i can start to focus on my health, my spirit, my soul...ME

you know what's funny is that people seem to forget that i am but a person too sometimes...but like my momma told me you can't be everything to everybody

HE is setting me up for bigger and better things i know...

patience with life and with myself

OR how about one of my FAV funk songs of all times

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