Friday, December 05, 2008

my faVorite thAngs

i am totally stealing this from a couple of my folks...teej did a my favorite things and deja did a things that make me on this Friday as i sit at my desk doing some work and jaming all at the same time i decided to write out some things that truly make me happy:

in no particular order other than #1

1. Family
my parents-listening to my parents fuss, curse, laugh, whatever...they make me happy
my brothers-they off the hook
nieces and nephews-they are SO intelligent and just some all around cool people to be around. i swear the youngest of them has been here before that little boy is too much for words

2. My girls and da homies...but here lately i have been spending a lot of time with my girls (that includes my cousins) and just tripping out...doing nothing in particular but enjoying life

3. good food makes me happy...i love to eat what can i say

4. finding a unique item while shopping at a boutique

5. shoes and bags make me happy

6. funny movies

7. laughing until it hurts and something random

8. sitting around laughing and joking with those closest to me

9. the quiet of nights especially when sitting on my balcony at home...just me and the night air

10. reading-especially books about our history

11. sitting in my CHAIR curled up watching tv all day long

12. going to the hair salon and being loud and crazy while getting my hair done

13. being around my Kiamsha family the kids the adults just everyone is so cool

14. going to the movies by myself and talking to the screen

15. walking downtown by the monuments

16. fall and spring

17. playing in the rain

18. my Nike boots

19. my hair short

20. looing at HGTV, Style network-clean house and Ruby, Reba, Living Single

21. me-i totally crack myself up and the little things i say, who decided that blue was blue what if blue is really purple (my personal trainer told me i could think that but that i should say that out loud)

22. good lotion, facial products, stuff that makes you feel soft-coco butta

23. the GAP

24. a nice hoodie and some sweatpants to just chillax in

25. having NOTHING to do!

26. MUSIC!!!!! MUSIC makes me happy all kinds of music!

27. styling other people...i love shopping for and pulling outfits together

28. looking at home and furniture books

29. driving....when i need a break from it all i go for a riding and just rock out, cry whatever

30. Alabama-sssssshhhhhhhhhh don't tell nobody...but i love being at my Madea's house and just sitting on the carport, especially when its raining...its the most peaceful place in the world


Monique said...

Cute post. I should do one similar.

Eb the Celeb said...

laughing and music are definitely 2 that would have to make my list.. laughing so hard that your stomach hurts and a tear falls... now that's a good laugh... and music... I dont know what I would do without it.