Monday, March 31, 2008

weekend recap

so i haven't really been doing much....seems like my weekends are full of travel or trying to rest up from travel or preparing to travel...well you get the picture...well this weekend i actually hung out a little bit...and it was fun


friday night i went to dinner with my lovely was really nice, 6 of us out of the 14 went ot PF Changs in Columbia and we just ate, laughed and was a really nice time...i was tired but forced myself to go because i hadn't seen them in about a year since one of them got there we were 3 married ladies, one pregnant lady and 2 ladies in a relationship...old women i tell you...but it was truly a ball!


i got up because he was coming over to hang out before he left to go out of town for work (it seems like one of us is always going somewhere here lately) i also got a call from my god-son's mom and they stopped by to see us and ended up coming in the house to play...they loved him and he loved them...which is unusal for A because he doesn't take to many people but he took to him...we went to the mall hung out and then he left...i left out again not to long after him to see my little cousin/god-sister off to her JROTC ball and then off to dinner for my grandmother's 80th (yes 80th) birthday! me and my girl cousins took her to dinner...another nice night of laughing and joking and just having a good time

i just chilled...i chilled in the house and had a "me" day where i did absolutely NOTHING but relax...sit on my butt and do nothing...i did eventually cook dinner, but ordered in as well as i knew the dinner would be my lunch and dinner for the next couple of days...

here is the thing...i learned that going out and just chilling is so much fun to me(or verified rather)...i really had a nice time just sitting around talking and enjoying others and their company

in other news my bff ran her first marathon and did it in a little over 3 hours!!!! when it was a 10 hour event...whooo hooo...she rocks!

i also learned to just let certain stuff go, that doesn't mean it hasn't been put into my mental rolladex, BUT what it does mean is that imma just let it go and take my life one day at a time...i tend to have started to worry again, and i don't like that feeling...i am findin that taking stuff one day, one hour, heck even one moment at a time, keeps my sanity...

its monday and i am in a good place mentally and physically, not to drained either way...that's always a good thing...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

sounds like fun.....and sounds like yawl rolling like crips LOL

j.a.c. said...

and another gf's getting married this weekend. enjoy the festivities! i'm sure you'll look just beautiful. send my warm regards and take pictures!

MysTery said...

Glad you had fun and had some 'me' time also!!