Monday, January 28, 2008

truly rAndomneSS

why does life have to be so complicated at times?

i mean you just go through life and you know you think you know but you really don't know, and that understanding of the phrase "a wise man knows that he knows nothing at all" becomes even more real and just because it becomes real doesn't mean that you necessarily know how to deal with it

this week is a short week for me, i need it, i need a little 4 day weekend, but what to do?
i did make a lunch date with one of my sistah friends for Friday...i know i'll be in yoga as many times as i can get in there this weekend...

why does this whole lifestyle change thing keep me feeling hungry ALL the time! Cutting and counting calories sucks! so i just keep drinking water, but that keeps me going to the bathroom...that sucks!

despite the ups and downs of my life, personal life, i seem to be growing in the sense that I am able to leave the stress outside of the door...i can be blown all the way up to the door, but then once i enter i let it go...then at the end of the day it comes back but still...

work has been kicking my butt but its cool....learning you know

my mother is workin on some things on her side...ummmm wonder what will come of that...

i did nothing at all this weekend...well actually just on saturday...i stayed IN MY HOUSE and did NOTHING all day!

sunday i went to a "dress party" for one of the two weddings i am in this was cute we tried on our dresses for alterations...I don't need to have any done! that's good and in a way bad, i want it to be taken in by the if i get on my job it'll happen

i really want to work on my arms! i want to have sexy arms for the wedding!

why does politics have to be so dirty...SMH...i jus want someone to go in there and shake some stuff up and make it happen

i was feeling a little blue so i went a bought some BCBG suede pumps! banging! only $70 that was AWESOME!

my hair is cornrowed right now...because i was tired of the press and curl...i wanted to put my hair up to also jump start my workout plan (shot out to Kanye) HA!

i am honestly bitter about some stuff right now...i don't like feeling bitter and i am bitter because you are bitter...but what do you expect me to do, at some point i have to step back from the situation and do what's best for me...all the way around...

what the hell does "i love you for what you are not" mean????
i get the whole "i love you for the right reasons" but that other saying if you no get, me no likey!

i have been so busy at work i have missed a number of Kiamsha meetings...that's gonna have to give, me being busy with work or sick, they gotta get ready for their conference and i gotta be there

i need a side hustle BAD!

music just really lifts my soul!

another grant due.....ugggggggg

but good experience

why do i love the golden girls and reba on lifetime...

i love cleanhouse, pretty much anything on style and HGTV too!

and you already know i love LA Ink!

oh, after the dress party i went to holla at my parents...i love it when its all four of us, me, my parents and my brother! we talk so much trash and laugh and joke with each other...good times! them is my people!


Kiana said...

Yeah, that was total randomness, but I loved it!! LOL I feel all your pain though!

Blu Jewel said...

I did a random post too!

Doing nothing is good for you.

Life is complicated because we've forgotten how to enjoy the simple things in life

if you can do pushups, you'll build your arms. if you can't do them on the floor, use the wall and you'll still achieve good results.

LOL @ the BCBG suede kinda gal

Hope all is well with you lady!


dc_speaks said...

randomness is a sing that you are not bored.

you go girl!!