Monday, January 07, 2008

Bucket List

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okay you finished...

so that leads me to my post...or maybe its my question

why is it that we have to wait until we have worked hard, or have retired, or are "seasoned", or in this case receive a notice of "you only have a few months to live" before we actually LIVE!

me and him got into an argument about going out, it was really and still seems totally unnecessary to me, but hey what i can say i guess it the perspective that others see...

to him it makes since to work and then invest, and that's cool, but you work and invest ALL of your money that makes NO sense to invest and you have fun, you enjoy...that's my thing...why not enjoy yourself both, invest/save, and it all...

always thinking about tomorrow you'll miss today... (tc 2008)

we are all young, we are working hard to make a mark in the specfic industry and to make a "name" so to speak....but if all you do is work and hustle all the time, life will pass you by and that's something that i don't want to happen to me...i want to travel and eat different foods and see different places...i really do...

last night was watching a show on TLC, LA Ink (one of my most FAV shows, by the way when i go to LA in June for our National Convention, I am going to get a portrait of my Daddy tatooed on my side, i know but hey he is going to be right on my left side next to my may call me crazy, but whatev that's my man...oh yea the artists are just that and they ROCK) and she was young, really young and she had a cancer scare so she got a compass on her leg and decided that for the rest of her life she would visit a country a year...i thought that was AWESOME...why wait until later make time NOW to enjoy your life...

so to me i want to make my bucket list NOW (what ya'll think????)

we should live NOW...make our marks all the way

so in the year of the next level make yours count...

UPDATE: My Bucket List
*go on at least one vacation biannually (imma be real and knowing that i shouldn't be taking HUGE vacations yearly-but travel to a new country every vacation and really get out in the world and see it, i want to go to AFRICA (south and ivory coast & Egypt (YES it IS apart of Africa)), Italy, Germany, Japan, China, Great Britain, Canada (i'll proably start here) and of course the islands and Hawaii)
*go on a mini vaca annually
*budgie jump
*sky dive
*see my grandmother at least once a year
*visit my parents as much as i can (when they move to AL, now i see the all the time)
*invest at least 10% of my income for my future and my children's future
*eat out as much as my budget will allow and NEW and DIFFERENT places (i love to eat)
*buy classic pieces of jewelry
*buy classic pieces of clothes, bags and shoes
*live in everyday and just enjoy


Blu Jewel said...

I'm so with you on this lil sis. I agree that we should save a little for a rainy day, but we still have to LIVE! LIVE! LIVE right now. We should NOT wait until our time has been cut short or something like that. Tomorrow isn't promised and we have to live for today and right now.

As much as I love Coach bags, I've decided for every one I buy, that's a vacation I've given up, so I'm using my money to take as many trips as I can. In time I'll get tired of the bag, but I'll always have the memory of the trip I took. I refuse to be settled and stagnant.

There is too much out there to behold and enjoy; even if it's just a day spent alone; a mini road trip; or a few hours with a friend.

The dash between my years will be FILLED!

Trapped-n-my-Thoughts said...

I agree Tiff...investing is wonderful(& necessary) but enjoying life is just as important. With people leaving this earth at such young ages, we have to enjoy each day like its our last but also be sure to make smart decisions. I make sure that I get a vacation/getaway at least 3 times a year...we need it.

Anonymous said...

So on point with this one! You have to travel and live for today as well as be responsible with your money. As Alicia put in her song "Like You'll Never See Me Again", tomorrow is not promised. Don't live in regrets of what you shoulda did, just do it and enjoy this thing we call life. I already have 3 trips in the making for the summer of 08. Hang with me and you'll be out! LOL


deepnthought said...

I loved this post. you have indeed inspired me.

I have to go post something tomorrow.

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