Sunday, January 06, 2013

real life adult new world problems

here is the issue
I want to move
like NOW
not yesterday
or how about before i even bought that house

i bought the house because of familial obligations
as of the end of this month i will have lived in that house for 3 years and can i in fact move OUT of said house without owing our president any money

so i promptly, upon this realization, began looking for houses
some brand new
some not so brand new
i nice older home remodeled and move in ready would work well for me

then i realize nope that's not going to really work out

for various reason my husband said we need to wait to move
he said until next year
but with the laundry list of things that we need to go ahead and fix in the house to make it livable what's the point in just waiting a year

we should just fix these things and wait another couple of years
why because the list is as follows:
carpet cleaned
chimney fixed (much needed)
complete plumbing replacement
upgrade of the electrical system
crown modeling in the kitchen
bathroom exhausts installed
fix the siding
replace light fixtures
re quark the bathtub (is that how you spell/say it, the white stuff around the tub)
replace sub pump

in addition i'd like to repaint the house correctly and correctly organize the laundry room
replace the carpet and put up drywall in the addition

but first things first
the MUSTs on list must be dealt with first

this is about to cost a couple of Gs
THEN we need new furniture at least in our room
another couple of Gs

ALL for a house that i could take or leave
that's the issue
i own a home
a small home but a home
an older home that wasn't taken care of initially
but a home none the less that has cared for up to 5 people at a time

so i need to just chalk it up and get these things done so that we can live comfortably
the good thing is if we have another baby its affordable
esp if D is going to be in private school
i just need to really take some time and down size in this house and get these things DONE

so i have made the appointments so that the estimates can begin
oh joy
oh bliss

by April this house WILL be in better shape and i will be happier living there!
here's to hoping


blkbutterfly said...

yes, the most important thing is that you have your own home and have the support and means to do the work that needs to be done. maybe once you get the work done, you'll feel more "take it" than "leave it."

oh, I think you mean re-caulk?

T.a.c.D said...

yes that's what i meant!
I think we need to move
the school district we are in, its not what it used to be, so either i need to put him in private school or move to a better public school district. he'll end up in private school for high school, but i need to ensure he gets the proper fundamentals and i dont' want to spend over 100K in his education but if i have to i will! we'll see
but you are right we have our own home and we are blessed to have such