Tuesday, January 22, 2013


the events of yesterday truly have me inspired!

if you don't know what happened, let m remind you

the FIRST African-American President of the United States was sworn into the office for the second and final time

i worked and it was a wonderful feeling being apart of HISTORY

when i got him my husband and son were watching the coverage and my black like boy, my 3 year old, was saying his name and looking on as if he looks like me and my daddy and my pop pop and my granddaddy j

you may ask how do i know that, i just do
my child is smart and very aware, he just told me yesterday as well i am babe because that's what his dad calls me

i am inspired
i remember getting my poli sci degree and MPA
and being so in tune to politics and social justice
and that is what i want to do again

i need to start PAYING ATTENTION
and i am motivated to do so

i am also motivated to get myself physically together
one of my goals for the year is to develop a healthy eating and physical activity regime
because i just am really starting to believe and see that we as women get better with time!
look at the FLOTUS
her first ball she looked great, don't get me wrong
but last night beyond FLAWLESS just gorgeous!

and that comes with confidence and confidence comes with age and wisdom and the ability to just be true to you and not worry about what others think or say

i just want to look and feel good
return to my consciousness and just be happy
and that i will do!

i am inspired

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