Sunday, January 13, 2013

not centered

i am not centered
everything around me seems to be out of my control

i have no time
i have no peace
i have no patience
i have no structure

i do have a lot of anger
i do have anxiety
i do have an attitude

there is no balance
i keep trying to get to it
but i am just ignoring what's out of place

things are totally out of place

i am annoyed
i am confused
i am tired

there is everything and nothing going on at the same time

i can't keep faking

i need help
i don't have help

it's easier helping others

i am sick
i can't claim it

i don't know what to do anymore

it's easier just to give up



MJ said...

So... I don't know what the root cause of your being off center may be, but whenever I feel this way it is usually because I need to shift my focus on my spirituality(even though I don't ever want to admit it lol). Usually, when I take my focus and divert it from myself to Jehovah, then my outlook becomes brighter. Take some time and find some spiritual food to boost yourself back up to full health! Sometimes we can become spiritually sick and the only way to get our lives back on track is to look to God for help. Check out the website search for whatever you are going through, 9 times out of 10, you will find something bible based to satisfy your need :) I hope you feel better!!!

T.a.c.D said...

Thanks! you are right a lot of times being "OFF" has a lot to do with spiritual needs...i think its all around woman things though! sometimes its your heart and spirit and something as simple as getting your hair and nails done! Definitely turned to the word this morning and its helping a lot!